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The Myanmar government has drawn the world’s
attention, from the humanitarian groups to inter-governmental organizations.
The reason behind it is an open secret that one cannot help but to ponder upon
such inhuman acts towards Rohingya ethnicity. With local witnesses to
international media documenting the hidden footages of their sufferings, it
definitely illustrates that the condition is aggravating. While few may view that
the government holds no control over the military ruled nation. However,
political, economic and social reasoning’s demonstrates a sign of failure to
fulfil the duty of the leadership.

Firstly, the United Nations (2017) declared the act
of human trafficking; abusing and labour exploitation that resulted in losses of
many Rohingya Muslim lives is a textbook example of ethnic cleaning. Therefore,
over half a million of them have migrated to various neighbouring states such
as Bangladesh and India, illegally through life-threating routes.  It vividly explains that even the
international human right organizations considered it as an acute problem that
needs to be dealt quickly. However, the Myanmar government, Aung San Suu Kyi
manipulates her blame saying such allegations are not happening. Besides, even
though, Rohingya people have been living in the state for over the centuries,
they still do not have the citizenship entitlement.  Furthermore, it becomes quite clearer that they
do not receive any protections from the Myanmar government. As a result, if legal
citizenships were long processed, massive migration would not have been
witnessed today.

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Secondly, Forino, Meding, and Johnson (2017)
explained the reasons behind the displacements of only this ethnicity could be
the preparation for the future economic development. For example, the
relatively developing countries of Asia, China and India are very close to the
Myanmar state. Therefore, it can be speculated that the government planned the clearance
of lands from the defenceless community. In addition, if the plan were to succeed,
the state can have access to these Chinese and Indian’s goods and developed networks
at a lower cost. Hence, it would benefit the economic development of Myanmar by
ceasing the landmarks of Rohingya people. As a result, it demonstrates the
unintentional motive of the government planning for the economic growth
neglecting the Rohingya civilization.

Thirdly, Rohingya people are not only strained to flee
from their association but also have been abused and segregated. Kiley (2017)
stated these social reasoning’s shows the Myanmar government has not done much
to settle down the mistreatments. These are not just statements made by the news
headlines but also disclosed by the survivors and witnesses on the painful and traumatizing
experiences. If the Myanmar government had promoted the diversification of
different ethnic groups equally, a questionable allegation would not have been
stressed. Nevertheless, opponent may support the migration saying that the
military of Myanmar is simply dealing with the Rohingya rebels. In addition,
they are also the minority group residing since the British colony so the
locals may feel like winning back their rights by going against them. Therefore,
the Myanmar leader maybe considered innocent and clean-handed. However, at
least for the act of humanity and not for upholding nation’s image, the
government should have beared the responsibility and humbly seek alternatives
to these issues. As a result, many lives could have been saved and massive
transfer would not take place previously.

In conclusion, due to a lack of legal citizenships
and protections, manipulation of allegations for economic development and prompting
no action towards the social issues raised the possibilities behind Rohingya
people’s migration. Hence, the Myanmar government is to be criticised for the
increasing Rohingya refugee crisis.

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