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Core-Self Evaluation scale used to assess the different factors affecting
personality traits of the employees. Core
self-evaluations (CSE)
helps individuals understand how they subconsciously perceive their abilities,
presence in society, mental strength and control. A high score indicates a
positive outlook on the above, whereas a low score indicates a negative


concept of core self-evaluations was first examined by Judge, Locke, and Durham
(1997). It concentrated on four personality dimensions: Locus of control, neuroticism,
generalized self-efficacy, and self-esteem.

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of control construct indicates the tendency for people to associate
events and situations in their life with their own actions. The ones who
believe that they have control over their environment are known as Internals;
The ones who tend to feel like external forces affect their environment are known
as Externals. Internals are generally satisfied with their jobs as they feel
that they are in control of their surroundings.




a well-known Big Five personality trait, is defined as the degree to which an
individual can cope under stress/pressure. The ones with a high score in
neuroticism (For Big-Five) are prone to resort to anger, anxiety, depression,
and feelings of helplessness. When tested in CSE, the questions are framed in
reverse; The ones with the lower score tend to resort to the emotions mentioned


self-efficacy, is defined as the confidence one has
about his/her own abilities to perform. It is considered as a stable trait as
they can be applied in a wide range of situations and events. People who score
high in Generalized Self-Efficacy would tend to try improving their skills and strengthen
their abilities by moving to new roles and tasks.



is defined as the perception individuals have about their worth or value.

construct is generally considered as one of the most important as it is the
overall value one places on themselves as a person in society.



self-evaluations are particularly important because they represent a
personality trait which will remain consistent over time. Furthermore, the way
in which people appraise themselves using core self-evaluations has the ability
to predict positive work outcomes, specifically, job satisfaction and job
performance. These relationships have inspired increasing amounts of research
on core self-evaluations and suggest valuable implications about the importance
this trait may have for organizations.

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