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The concern of Canadians regarding Japan attacking Canada caused racism to begin in Canada. An attack in Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, made Canadian citizens to be scared of the Japanese immigrants that had been living in Canada for a long time. The fear caused Canada to force immigrants to go back to Japan, took away their belongings, moved them to concentration camps, etc. Even though the action that was taken against the Japanese was  reasonable to the government, it is still debatable if this is a approved by the society now. Although some might agree with this being a justified act, it can be proven that it was a deed which was not acceptable and demonstrated inequality. It was a violation against the human rights along with  being an act that showed discrimination and racism against the Japanese and impacted the future of the Japanese Canadians who were the victims of this internment.

The Interment of the Japanese Canadians is a tremendous example of the violation of the human rights and freedoms. When the World War One began, the Canadian government decided to forcefully move all the Japanese immigrants out of the country. They were instructed to move to their homeland  but as the majority of the immigrants were born and raised in Canada, therefore their homeland was Canada. These immigrants had nowhere to go, thus they stayed back in Canada and then were later unwillingly told to shift their residence. This unwanted group of Japanese Canadians were moved to Concentration Camps, even though they did not want to be there. This behavior of the Canadians expressed the  contravention of the human rights and freedoms.

Due to this, the Japanese lost their freedom to live freely and to live wherever they prefer to. Along with that, the Japanese lost the possession of their personal belongings. Before moving to the camps, they were told to pack up all their belongings and then they were later in possession of the government.

Houses and Boats of these individuals were sold and the government was profited by it. This was not fair to the Japanese Canadians as they were the one who should have gotten the money. That was not the only thing that was unfair to these immigrants. When they reached the camps, they were separated from their families.

Males and Females were separated and sent to accomplish a particular task, such as males would work in factories and females would cook for everyone. Although this might sound harmless but it was no less than slavery. Forcing these individuals to finish the work assigned for the government and not paying them for it, expressed a rude behavior and inequality. While the Canadians were more concerned about saving their homeland, they did not realize that a lot of human rights and freedoms were being violated.

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