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The leaves danced throughout the streets  as they covered the little town of Paris, Texas. Paris was a tightknit community where everyone knew one another and got along, for the most part. For the past ten years it has been portrayed in the news as a dangerous place to live, with hundreds of missing persons reports filed every year. It was the eve of Halloween, all of the kids were ready to get out of school so they could prepare their costumes and trick-or-treating plans for the next night.

That was until Sheriff Randy banned trick-or-treating and put the whole town under a curfew.  Oliver McCoy gathered up his books and backpack while waiting for the bell to free him for the weekend. As soon as the bell rang all of the children jumped up out of their seats and ran towards the door. Oliver waited outside for his friend Jacob to meet up with him, so they could ride their bikes home together as they usually did. On their way home they passed by the thick patch of woods at the end of Oliver’s street. “Oliver look! Someone made a trail going through the woods over there. We don’t have anything better to do we should go investigate.

” Jacob yelled from the seat of his bicycle. Oliver was weary of Jacob’s idea of going into the woods, his father had told him millions of times to not go into the woods because of all the wild animals that lived inside of them, but Oliver always had a feeling that there was something about the woods that his dad wasn’t telling him. Oliver didn’t want to be alone and he didn’t have anything else to do since the whole city was under a curfew, so he decided he would follow Jacob down the creepy dimly lit trail surrounded by trees.

The boys rode their bikes through the winding trail until it came to an abrupt end about a mile down. The trees were so dense and entangled in one another at the end of the path, that they couldn’t continue on their bikes. By this time Oliver was ready to turn around and head home but Jacob wasn’t done exploring just yet. The boys laid their bikes next to a tree and started walking in between all the brush and limbs. Jacob lead the way not knowing exactly what it was he was looking for. He was just curious of the woods and everything in them. The boys didn’t find much during their investigation except for a few odd colored berries, some animal tracks, and what looked like hand made traps for rather large wild animals.

Which was weird because Jacob had never heard of any bears or anything super big roaming around Paris. Oliver almost stepped right into the trap but thankfully Jacob shoved him out of the way just before it had time to close on his leg. “What the heck was that for?” Oliver asked as he stood up and brushed the leaves off his clothes. Jacob replied “I just saved your life, or leg I guess. Did you not see that trap? You walked right into it!” After almost getting his leg chopped in half Oliver decided it was time for him to go home. He had a gut wrenching feeling that something bad was going on in those woods and he didn’t want to stay there to find out what. On the other hand Jacob wasn’t afraid and didn’t understand why Oliver was so scared.

Jacob couldn’t help but to think of who put that trap there and why; and what it was exactly that they were trying to catch. His mind wandered over all the possible explanations and then it hit him. “What if the trap isn’t for animals at all Oliver….. What if someone put it there hoping to catch everyone who goes into the woods.” Oliver’s face turned pale at the thought of someone capturing humans.

He looked as if he had just saw a ghost. “I really don’t want to find out… I’m leaving with or without you Jacob!” Oliver’s voice rasped as he hurriedly walked back through the rustling leaves to the clearing where they left their bicycles. Halloween was tomorrow he was sure someone left the trap there to scare people out of the woods. The possibility of a murderer living in the woods was highly unlikely, but then Jacob thought about all the people that end up missing in Paris, especially around halloween every year.Jacob continued walking through the woods carefully checking for more traps with every step he took.

Luckily he didn’t discover any more traps, but after walking for a few hours he found a tiny run-down cabin nestled behind some tall oak trees. He kept walking trying to get closer until he heard a loud demonic shrill coming from inside of the cabin. Jacob froze in his tracks, he had never heard a sound like that before. He ran as quietly as he could toward the back of the cabin and hid under some fallen tree limbs. He waited there hoping to catch a glimpse of what was inside.A very tall, large, and oddly pale man like figure covered in dirt and grime billowed out of the front door as Jacob sneakily tossed rocks at the door, to get his attention without revealing his hiding spot under the rug of leaves on the forest ground. Jacob was terrified of the figure that stood a few feet in front of him. He instantly knew that the man or thing wasn’t an average person.

His eyes were completely black like little stones of coal and he moved around as if he were a zombie. Jacob knew by looking into the blackness of his eyes that the creature of the woods was truly evil.He reminded Jacob of the ugly creatures in old horror movies he had seen. He was pretty sure if the monster man thing saw him that he would eat him alive and no one would ever know. He would end up another name on the missing persons list and the monster would continue killing people. Jacob’s stomach turned at the thought of being killed in the woods.

He had to escape and fast. He determined his best bet would be to stay in his hiding place until the creature went back inside his dark and gloomy cabin and then he would make a run for his bike so he could get out of there and go tell Oliver that he was right after all.The monster roamed around outside of his cabin looking for what caused the sound he had heard that made him come outside in the first place. He found one of the rocks that Jacob had thrown and sniffed it. He let out a blood curdling sound as his nostrils picked up the scent of Jacob’s sweaty hands. His demonic looking eyes scanned the area looking for the boy. Thankfully the monsters sense of smell led him in the opposite direction of where Jacob was hiding. Once the monster was out of site Jacob bravely snuck into the monsters cabin hoping that he would find out if the monster man was responsible for all the missing people.

Inside he found mounds of bones and decaying bodies with huge holes in their chests piled in every corner. The stench was horrible. Jacob covered his nose with his shirt collar as he ran back outside. He had no clue where the monster was now, but he just continued to run, not stopping until he made it back to his bike. By the time he made it to the clearing it was dark outside. He pedaled as fast as he could until his tires touched the pavement on the street.

He let out a sigh of relief when he saw Oliver’s bike parked next to the tree line. Oliver didn’t want to leave Jacob alone in the middle of the woods but he couldn’t stand being in them so he waited outside until Jacob had finished exploring. “Oliver you were right, I found a cabin and and… dead bodies, lots of them. And there is a creature with dark black eyes, and and hes like a zombie but worse. We have to go tell the sheriff now. I believe he is responsible for all the missing people.” Jacob stuttered as the words flew out of his mouth. Oliver grabbed his bike and the two boys rode straight to the sheriff’s office and barged right through the door.

They showed Sheriff Randy the pictures and explained everything that happened that afternoon. Randy didn’t believe the boys and thought they were just playing a prank on him to get back at him for banning trick-or-treating, but the pictures were too realistic to ignore so Randy sent a couple of officers out to investigate the area. Sheriff Randy told the boys to go home and to stop making up stories. He went into the back office so he could watch the body cams of the officers he sent out. Once there the officers knocked on the door of the cabin, which ended up being a bad idea. The monster pushed the door open with great force and immediately reached through the officers’ rib cage and grabbed their hearts right out of the chests as the blood was still pumping through the chambers. Their bodies fell to the ground as the monster ate both of their hearts.

Randy leaned over his chair and threw up as he watched everything that just happened. It wasn’t a joke, the boys weren’t just making it up. Randy should have believed them, now two of his best men were gone. He got on the phone and called the National Guard and the FBI.

It was going to take a lot of manpower to get rid of the heart eating monster. They marched through the woods until they found the cabin. They opened fire onto the cabin hoping to scare the monster outside. Loud disturbing noises came from inside the cabin. The monster rushed out the front door. The creature shrunk in pain as it was greeted with even more gunfire. The monster fell to the ground. To be sure it was dead they drenched it in gasoline and tossed a match on it watching its body burst into flames.

It took weeks for the crime scene investigators to recover all of the remains of the missing people. Jacob and Oliver were recognized by the mayor as true heros. There’s no telling how many more people would have died if the boys wouldn’t have gone exploring in the woods that day. After everything settled down Sheriff Randy lifted the curfew and the ban on trick-or-treating.

Everything finally went back to normal in the quiet little town of Paris, Texas.

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