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story began when there a man named Ryder hijacks Pelham 123. The hijacking
began in Subway 6 in New York City where it departed from Pelham Bay Park
station at around 1:23 p.m. There were three bad guys that accompanied Ryder.
They are Bashkin, Emri and Phil Ramos who happens to be the former train
operator. The hostage taking happened when they loosen the front portion of the
car from the train as they took the passengers in that current situation. Garber
was an employee at the MTA that works for the Rail Control Center at the same
time he was also a train dispatcher. He got a call from Ryder who demands 10
million dollars worth of cash to be paid within the next 60 minutes. Ryder
alarms them that he will execute a hostage if they can’t make it on the
deadline. He also warns them that every minute that if they pass the deadline
or make him force to wait, he will eventually have another hostage taking. The
transit police officer was killed by Bashkin who approached him and recognized that
something was not right. Ramos and Bashikin permitted the passengers who are
not positioned in front of the car to be free excluding the motorman. Then Garber
opposed the negotiations with Ryder and begins to develop a rapport. Ramos and
Emri on the other hand begin to set up in the tunnel the Internet access. After
that, Ryder used his laptop in order to observe the Dow Jones Industrial
Average that took almost 1 000 points throughout the following hours that
responded to the hostage-taking. The laptop was also connected to one of the
passengers in the Internet while the webcam of the computer was also activated.
The webcam was used by the people in the control center in order to watch Ryder
and Ramos. Then, the NYPD Emergency Service Unit Lieutenant Camonetti entered
the RCC and took over negotiations. Then he commanded Garber to abandon the
premises quickly. Then, there was a sudden gush that infuriates Ryder. He then
discovered that there are allegations on the news online that was reported
after Ramos have told Ryder that Garber was the target at the MTA and it is not
the dispatching trains. Then Garber was force to confess making a threat to
kill the passenger. Following the incident, Garber was explaining there was a
bride offered to him.  He told Ryder that
he used the money as a means of payment for the college tuition fee of the
child. He also added that he would have made that same decision without the
consent from the financial offer.

the mayor agreed to deliver the ransom money and ordered the NYPD to deliver it
to Ryder. While on the way to the delivery point, an accident happened among
the police and has failed to get the money on time. Garber told Ryder that the
money was dropped off but Ryder refuses to believe it because he was monitoring
the whole scene through his laptop and he knows that Garber was lying. Ryder
was angry and for some reasons he begins to threaten and execute a hostage
again among the children and the child’s mother. Then another hostage taking
occurred and a former soldier comes to the rescue. He sacrificed himself in
order to save the mother and child. Unfortunately, the former soldier was
killed when he save the mother and the child. There was a short gunfight that
erupt the NYPD ESU sniper. The rat then accidentally bit it thus leading into discharging
his weapon that caused the death of Ramos.

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To cut
the story short, the MTA believed that the hijackers as well as Garber are
still inside the train. Then Garber wanted to escape from the hijackers. He
followed them to the emergency exit that was located inside of an abandoned
subway station. The train stopped safely and the police noticed that Ryder was
no longer on board.  Ryder drove a taxi
at the same time Garber followed him using a truck. Ryder checked his laptop
and noticed that there he was on some sort of a short sold in the market and
made an investment from gold. He earned profit that was larger than his ransom
money.  Then Garber caught him on
Manhattan Bridge where Ryder pulls a trigger on Garber. Ryder then pulls the
trigger on his gun then finally he shot Garber. While Garber was lying on the
floor, Ryder told Garber that he considers him a hero. Eventually, the mayor
thanks Garber for saving the hostages and reminds him about his bribery

relation to the movie about economics, Ryder was accused of stock manipulation
in the stock exchange market. There were parts of the film that Ryder always
checks the news online about the stock exchange market. He purchased derivative
contracts that allow them to benefit a leveraged way when the stock markets
dropped on news of their hostage taking. Given the fact that, the right to sell
an asset at a specified price will increase in its value while the price of
that asset drops. Moreover, the bigger the drop the quicker it happens on the
purchases and thus the more money that Ryder and the two bad guys along with
him would make. There was also a scene where when the train was hijack and the
stock market went down. The price of the gold was doubled due to the
uncertainty. He took advantage because he knew that the market would react this
way. He used options to his $2 million initial investment that grew up to $300
million in the same day.  

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