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The most stunning feature of the Smartphone is the camera. We most likely not to buy the Smartphone there is no camera feature in the exceptional case who require it. In these days the most common is a front camera and rear camera but there is a new type, it is the dual camera.

Dual camera

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The dual camera in which we like to focus on one thing and blur other things. Which can be said as taking a snap of a flower, in this case, one lens is used for focussing on the flower and other lenses make it blur other than the flower.

Front camera

The front camera which brought us the culture of #Selfie. Using good quality android phones which is most popular OS in leading phones in Indian market. But this is not only the case. It can be used differently.

The other types of usage can be

Different types of Selfie

However, Selfie is one variant, there are groupies and couples too in this category that one can take using a front-camera that is high on specifications. These days, wide-angle front-facing cameras are especially being integrated into budget phones so that the groupie and couple pictures come out much better.

Video calling

Video calling with your friends and family just by having internet connectivity and video calling app on both sides like skype, etc.

Conference calling

Video calling is a feature which comes handy in a situation where you should be in video conference but you can’t. In that situation having the mobile phone with an internet connection will make your day better.

Personalized Video messages

To create a video and send them on birthday. To send wishes by making a video.

A touch-up

When you don’t have a mirror, you can use this feature which comes in handy.

Tutorial or Podcast Videos

To make live videos with a free software that are available in the Google play store. To make tutorial videos.  To analyze yourself how you are doing in an interview by recording yourself. By utilizing some of free video editing software that is available in the Google play store.

The highest Megapixel till now will be 20 in the front category. So, having at least 5MP or 8MP  is good in these days.

Rear camera

Which is a great feature that can replace the digital camera with the low feature. We can take photos of family. And comes handy when we go to tours which we like sceneries.

The highest Megapixel till now will be 23 in the rear category. So, having at least 13MP is good in these days.

Overall you should have a decent camera in front and rear. Consider dual camera in these days. So, that you can get better usage of the camera.

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