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demand for an MBA fresher lies mainly in all the consulting firms, financial
services sector and the consumer goods firms. The main components needed to
achieve a higher rank in the company and a better salary are the degree, the college/university you went
to, your skills and  experience and
finally your hard work.

In most
of the MBA recruiting Companies you ideally get paid for meeting target given
by the employer and the monthly salary is directly
proportional to the value you deliver to the company. The salary increases to
automatically if you have a skill set which is rare.

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Just 1% of the students across the country from the
top business Tier I schools are offered an annual salary of Rs 9 lakh or more during
campus placement.37% of schools offer an average annual salary of Rs 3 lakh per
annum.Around 52% of the business schools falls in the Tier-III and offers an average
annual salary of Rs 3-5 lakh.

are the expected average starting salaries for MBA fresher graduates in 2018
according to the functional areas: –


Operations Manager is expected to earn between Rs 744,930 – Rs 1,206,777

average annual income of a Quality Control Manager is between Rs 549,320 – Rs

Accounts Manager salary lies between Rs 574,110 – Rs 1,267,777.

the Sales Manager, the average salary is Rs 447,620 – Rs 1,851,550 per annum.

Manager and Human Resource Manager can earn up to Rs 492,830 – Rs 1,845,630

Managers and I.T. Manager generally has a salary of Rs 584,660 – Rs 1,814,620.

A  Business Analyst may earn up to Rs 502,830 – Rs 945,630 annually.

Experience wise a MBA graduate can expect
the following set of Salaries: –

An experience of 0 – 1 year can
earn you approximately               Rs
290,350 per annum.

With an experience of 1-4 years                you are expected to earn up to Rs
390,270 yearly.

For an experience greater than 5
year you salary can be anything between Rs 720,510 and Rs 2,550,690.

there is a hige variation is salaries of a fresher MBA graduate. A simple
correlation is listed below.

In cities like Bangalore yearly
you can earn approximately Rs 730,067.

For Gurgaon it is near about Rs
750,281 yearly.

In Mumbai the average salary
can be around Rs 732,230

In New Delhi the average salary
is around Rs 690,876 whereas in Hyderabad it is nearly Rs 590,826.


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