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Thalassemia is the most
common and serious genetic blood disorder. Haemoglobin is the central unit of
red blood cells that carry oxygen. Its main function is to supply the oxygen to
the blood. When the production of haemoglobin is not sufficient then oxygen is
not supply properly to all the parts of body. The decrease amount of oxygen
makes the body unable to function properly.

excessive disruption of red blood cells leads to anemia. There are two main
types of thalassemia alpha and beta. Another type of thalassemia is thalassemia
minor that is not severe like other types. Thalassemia is transmitted by
hereditary. There are more chances of thalassemia major in children if their
parents are the patients of thalassemia minor.

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            Thalassemia patient need blood transfusion after 15 days
to functions their activities properly. The severity of thalassemia occurs if
iron is over loaded, bone deformities and cardiovascular illness is present.
Thalassemia is a diverse problem of blood cells that are rare in United States
but common in South Asia.

            Some aspects of thalassemia major effects the quality of
life. In simple words quality of life is the standards of health, comfort and
happiness that are experienced by individual or group. Quality of life also
referred as an individual’s own perception about their life conditions in the
context of culture, values, goals, expectations, standards and relation. It
affects the person’s physical, psychological state and social relationship.


The thalassemia major is
a chronic disease that associated with patient’s quality of life. Thalassemia
is characterized by absent or insufficient production of haemoglobin that leads
some serious problems such as heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia, liver disease,
bone malformation, poor self-image. The another problem find that these health
issues affect the patient’s routine life and decrease the quality of life. The
person with thalassemia also feels fatigue after blood transfusion.

            Studies shows the prevalence of thalassemia about 280
million people and 439,000 patient have thalassemia major.

            The research was conducted to assess the quality of life
in patients with thalassemia and also and comparison between the thalassemia
major and intermedia. In this study the patients were not satisfied in their
quality of life. Thalassemia major patients’ quality of life was better as
compared to the thalassemia intermedia. Now a days it is very essential that
experienced person give attention to make betterment for the quality of life.

            Other studies shows that thalassemia patient have low
quality of life in comparison with older patients. Those patients who suffer
other diseases with thalassemia report that they face more difficulties about
lowest quality of life. Mednick and its colleagues institute that 32% patients
suffering from anxiety and 11% suffer from depression. These symptoms were
noted in the older patients extremely. This type of disorders helps to provide
awareness about the chronic health conditions.

            Some studies also evaluate that 80% of thalassemia
patients suffer from psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety. 

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