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Thailand is a South East Asian Country and the travel hub for the Asians. This place is famous for its beaches, jungles, temples, royal palaces and figured Buddha’s. Thailand is really cheap for its accommodation, food, and travel.

Accommodation: Northern areas of Thailand are much cheaper than the southern and Bangkok. You will get cheap guesthouses as cheap as $2-$7 per night. After increasing your budget by $10 you might get a bungalow by the beach side.

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Food: Food actually I would recommend you to eat from the food stalls, it’s much safer and cheaper than the restaurants.  It will cost you ($0.5 – $4) by food stalls and ($5-$10) in cafes and restaurants.


Travel: As a travel guide I would say you must travel through the local buses. Believe me, only if you will live like the locals you will enjoy the fullest. You will get local people to talk to, know more about them, their lifestyle, make new friends who have also come for traveling and share your trip experience. Traveling through the islands by bus would cost you ($1-$5).

Note: Please note that the prices may vary.

There is always to talk more about Thailand but the major things you must not miss are what you see down here.


Must do things:


Visit Elephant Nature Park and play with elephants:

Elephant Nature Park is in the northern areas of Thailand in Chiang Mai province. This place is a rescue center for elephants, dogs, cats, buffalos and many others. You should go there learn about elephants thriving and get close to them and play with them. Elephants are never threatened or beaten but they welcome tourists and volunteers to help them rescue the elephant and know more about them. I must say an elephant is a really cool animal to play and love with.


Songkran ( The local water fight festival):

The wildest festival of Thailand is said to be the Songkran Festival. In Bangkok, this festival is celebrated in the northern area of Chiang Mai for almost a week in the month of April. You will find the children, youngsters and elders all enjoying it together. The country turns into a war zone for a week. You will find children with the biggest water guns and who come in range becomes the target.



Hangout in Pai:

Pai is a town in Mae Hong Son which is 2.5 hours bus ride away from the Chiang Mai. Personally, I would say this place is really beautiful and you should never miss the waterfall. Grab the food from the street and eat it at the waterfall. Enjoy sitting on a piece of rock rather than sitting on a chair making yourself comfortable. Traveling is all about breaking your comfort zone.


Island Hopping:

Island hopping is the best part of Thailand and my favorite. If you are really an adventurous person you should never skip this. Island hopping means traveling from one island to another. Travel all the island with the local bus so that you don’t miss anything.


White Temple in Chiang Rai:

“Wat Rong Khun” is known as “THE WHITE TEMPLE” which is located outside the town of Chiang Rai. Local and Foreigners both admire the beauty and it has the most visitors out of any other. Its construction was started in 1997 and will continue till 2070.


I would personally recommend to live as a local and not to travel within a luxury lifestyle. The simplest things will please you the most giving you a deep breath for the peace of mind. If you have visited Thailand I would recommend sharing your experience in comments below to guide others for a better traveling experience.

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