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Framework on Cloud Computing


1 Introduction

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Software Testing is the main part of
nowadays all software project. Software testing is the process of assessing
quality of a software product to determine whether it matches with  existing 
requirements of the customer or not. Software testing is one of
“Vertification and Validation” on software practices. There are two type of
testing White Box and Black Box . Black-Box testing focuses solely on the
outputs generated in response to the inputs supplied neglecting the internal
components of the software. White-Box testing focuses on the internal mechanism
of the software of any application. Cloud computing is a one of the emerging
technology  which opens new door for
software testing.  To achieve a high
level of quality and reliability, cloud platforms and infrastructures must be
tested thoroughly. Typically, cloud providers have individual approaches to
infrastructure testing , and there are no widely accepted methods of
infrastructure testing that are currently available.


In recent years cloud computing get a good
growth on distributed computing. For example , someone install their apps ,
infrastructure within cloud then it automatically scales to support the
hardware requirements of any given app. There are good and well-known examples
for cloud platforms  Google App Engine,
Amazon’s EC2 , Microsoft’s Azure, IBM SmartCloud and others. Users of these
platforms are very comfortable. They don’t need to think about hardware,
scaling , and load balancing since these tasks are handled by the providers,
leaving users free to concentratre on their applications.


While cloud computing is not a
fundamentally new paradigm, but based on existing technologies, it is far from
trivial and introduces new challenges that make applications running in a cloud
computing environment more complex and their development more error-prone. For
example, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service model of cloud computing
is heavily based on virtualization technology for CPU, storage and networking. As
a result, the underlying environment changes when scaling in an elastic way.
Software testing needs to address cloud-specific issues to avoid the risk that
it lags behind in following the fast growing trends of the cloud computing


2.Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing has big attention nowadays
on all over world , because recently as it changes the way of computation and
services to customers. Cloud Computing is a prototype of where a big pool of
computers or super computers connected 
in private or in public networks.


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