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              Teen Suicide Suicide is a big issue for teenagers today. Every Year thousands of children are dying, not from cancer, getting shot, or a car accident , but by the doing of their own hands. Teenagers make the choice to take their lives with doing so they are commiting  suicide this is referred to Adolescent Suicide.         Suicide is defined as the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally. Suicide is the second  leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10-24. Suicide is also the tenth leading cause of death in the United States (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). The rate of teen suicide increases every day there are an average of over 3,470 attempts by young people from grades 9-12 this isn’t including that of the percentage applied to grades 7 & 8, the numbers would be higher (The Jason Foundation). Men die by suicide 3.57 than females do. Firearms are accounted for over 50% of suicides.  Females often attempt suicide twice as often as males ( America Foundation of Suicide Prevention).Although males are 4 times more likely than females to die by suicide.                    Life as a teenager is not easy one and some teenagers cannot handle the pressure.There are a lot of things that may lead a teenager to commit suicide. Some of these may include being stressed out, been bullied ,lost such as breaking up with a girlfriend or a boyfriend or witness family turmoil , verbal abuse or  physical abuse, making a bad grade in your studies, self-esteem problems, feeling all alone. A  Lot of teens may look at suicide as though it is release from all of their problems. Teens think suicide is the solution to all their problems and stress when what they are really doing is making the life of the people around them hurt. Teens may be thinking that suicide is the way out it isn’t. 

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