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Technology has alwaysremained outstanding among other things that have happened to mankind. Humansare surrounded by the technology and so reliant on one in their day to daylife. However, it has both pros and cons, creating the wide impact on the humanrace. Several stories play differently showing how terrifying technology canbe! In “The Veldt”, Ray Bradbury tries to make a point that if humans would usetechnology without any limitation it could destroy their whole life.

People aregetting more and more addicted to the technology that they don’t care aboutanybody. In “The Veldt” there is a setting of Happlylife Home and in it theNursery that ruin the fundamental lifestyle of family, the setting has becomemore important in the children’s lives, and parents lost their life due toAfrican veldt which is the major section of the story.The Happylife Home which costHadley family thirty thousand dollars was destroying the simple way oflifestyle that the family once lived before. “The cutting-edge technology in HappylifeHome satisfies each need of Hadley’s family: it garments them, sustains them,gives a bath to them, plays and sings with them, even rocked them to sleep” (98).But Lydia and George were unaware of the rivalry of their children due to anascendancy of the Happylife Home over them. Once, George tells Peter aboutturning off the house for about a month because his fantasy was growing bit tooreal as a result Peter got scared that now who would do his daily work. At onepoint, George had turn off most of the machines of the Happy House due to thatPeter got angry and yelled at his father that, “I wish you were dead!” (108),by this Bradbury wants to demonstrate that technology is ruling over parents.Lydia Hadley was feeling thatHappylife Home was beyond her in the family as it has taken her place of wife,mother, and nursemaid.

For instance, Lydia can’t offer shower to kids asproficient as the programmed scrub bath and she can’t make great dinner likethe automatic dining-room. Children’s were spending their time in specialplastic carnival rather than passing quality time with their parents. Georgeand Lydia found that their children were spending too much of time in thenursery and imagining about lions, killing, hunting and death in the African veldtfor that thought they were too young, which is a perfect example of a negativeeffect of using too much of technology. The house is providing all the thingsthat children need in their daily life, so they don’t need the help of theirparents anymore.

“The nursery has become the mother and father in thechildren’s lives, more vital in their life than their genuine parents” (106). So, technology which is setting in this story is dominating theneed of the parents which result into breaking the bond between parents andchildren.Excess of everything is badthat is well described. The veldt shows the excessive use of technology. TheHappylife Home is from one of the negative sides of technology. At the initialstage, it is comparable to the amusement park for Hadley’s children.

Afterwards, it turned out to be a mammoth problem against the parents. Lydiawas very afraid of the atmosphere of the nursery from the beginning of thestory when she saw the death battle between the animals in African veldt. Shetold all the story to Mclean and also showed him the situation of the nursery. “Mcleanunderstood the situation of nursery and advised George to closed nursery assoon as possible because the real use of nursery was to help children but ithas moved toward the channel to destructive aspiration and also suggested toclosed all the system and go for a picnic with his family” (106).

Also addedthat all situation was happened because of the overuse of technology. Afterthat George became angry and turn off most of the machines like shoe polisher,shoe lacers, body scrubber, massagers of Happylife Home in front of their children.It created the negative impact on his children mind because setting was like theirfamily. George was going to turn off the nursery but the children begged for a onelast moment with Nursery. Lydia also agree with the children and give them lastfew minutes with Nursery. Then George tell Lydia to take children to Nurseryfor few minutes. Afterwards, Lydia and George move to change clothes and thenthey heard their children screaming.

Then parents realized that this sound wascoming from Nursery and they rushed into the Nursery for the search of theirchildren. But parents were not able to find their children. Lastly, Systemclosed the door and parents banged at the door but they were not able to openthe door because System was controlled by the children and lions from Africanveldt killed them. After some time, David Mclean arrived and tried to findGeorge and Lydia but not able to find them. Then Mclean entered the nursery andsaw that Peter and Wendy were drinking tea into their virtual world that theywant to stay before. These things show that they are overly connected withtechnology and gave more importance to their virtual life than their parents. In conclusion, the story of “TheVeldt” is moving around the importance of technology in children’s daily lives,demolish central way of life of family and how it became the reason of thedeath of their parents. Looking at the demerits, the demerits outweigh themerits.

  The moral of the story is thatif people give more priority to any particular thing then it can lead themtowards the destruction.

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