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Technology has had a great impact on the way we
perform day-to-day activities. We use technology when traveling, communicating,
and learning (Hessert, 2017). Not only do we use technology in our personal
lives, but technology is used to improve efficiency in the workplace.
Technology has had many positive impacts on the business and corporate world
(Hessert, 2017). These positive impacts can include: easier communication,
improving business strategies, expanding the area of promotion, and assisting
those with disabilities (Hessert, 2017).

             When it comes to technology in the workplace,
it provides an easier form of communication (Hessert, 2017). Easier
communication can include both telephone and email. This allows for businessmen
the ability to easily communicate with their virtual employees, other business
partners, and customers who may live in different parts of the world (Hessert,
2017). Easier communication is not limited to just telephone and email, but it
can also include online communication services (Hessert, 2017). A few of these
types of online communication services can be software like Skype Video Chat,
instant messenger, and even other video meeting rooms (Hessert, 2017).

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can have a positive impact on improving business strategies (Hessert, 2017). Technology
plays a big role in helping to improve a business’s strategies by allowing them
to promote their products via the web (Hessert, 2017). Using technology as a
form of communication to promote products efficiently can lead to an increase
in sales, which can have a positive impact on a business being able to expand
the area of promotion within the business (Hessert, 2017).

            Technology has also helped those with physical
disabilities to enjoy working with other people in the workplace with ease
(Hessert, 2017). Technology has improved the level of communication with
devices such as the speech producing devices, as well as hearing and visually
impaired assisting devices (Hessert, 2017). These types of technological
advancements have given those with physical disabilities the opportunity to
have as normal as a life as they possibly can (Hessert, 2017).

            In conclusion, technology has had
many positive impacts on the way business communications are now conducted.
Technology has provided an easier form of communication, provided a way to
improve business strategies, expand the area of promotion, and assist those
with disabilities become part of the workplace (Hessert, 2017). Technology is
great and always growing.

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