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Technology is everywhere and has shaped every aspect of our lives and our culture, at times without realizing. Due to the significant advancements in technology, it has impacted everyone in both negatives and positive ways. Children are the most negatively affected. Today, it is not possible for a child or even a teenager to imagine his or her life without a cell phone and computers. Not only it’s affecting their studies but the fact that various students carry their expensive gadgets, it may make others who can’t afford them to need to possess them. Rarely do children understand that people are not equal and thus not everyone can afford the expensive gadgets. In a period where children should be engaged in indoor and outdoor games, they are ever play animated games on their laptops, I pads and smart phones. Their whole range of involvements can be summarized into the current technological advancements. The paper will explore the negative impacts technology has on children.

Technological advancement has made the world a global village. Therefore, kids have more exposure to every happening in the world as compared to kids of the earlier decades. There is the need for children to understand that there is a broader world that exists outside the internet and their cell phones. They are becoming lazier by day as everything they need is readily available at their doorstep. Ordering anything they require is a button away. It is evident that both technology and its advancement save, but people are becoming more dependent on it with every passing minute. Today, children prefer sitting in their rooms and play video games instead of stepping out and have a run or cycle with friends. They rarely feel the need to visit the library in search of information as the internet provides every answer they need. Instead of going to the playground or meeting with friends, they prefer having a video chat with friends at the comfort of their rooms. The lifestyle has created means of substituting the real life with the virtual one It has therefore limited their physical activity. It is no argument that technological advancements are a double-edged sword. It possesses the ability to teach children valuable lessons such as reading and writing but also can rod them the ability to have a life beyond the screen of their gadgets and thus hindering them from having face to face social connections.

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There are significant adverse impacts of technology on the brain of a child. Neuroscientists have realized many dangers attached to overuse of the internet and its online activities. Children have become dependent on the online engagement as its different activities have allowed them to escape from any stress and the unpleasant feelings, escapism that easily become addictive. The fact that the online activities are not only altering the way a child’s brain process information but also changes it physically. The overuse of technology leads to the reconfiguration of a child’s brain and thus forcing the field of education to adjust accordingly. The overuse of the online devices can easily result in attention deficit disorder. The internet frantic pace results in the pruning of its neuronal tracts to the frontal lobe, which regulates emotions. Also, over engagement with the online activity may result in depression in children which affects their life. Many children do not view the technological advancement as detrimental instead they see it as a way to become effective multitaskers. Neuroscientists have proven that the human brain cannot execute two tasks at the same time. The brain handles particular duties sequentially, switching from one task to another. Also, the overuse of the internet places children in a “digital fog” where they may feel fatigued, distracted and irritable. To combat the problem the brain secretes more adrenaline and cortisol. The two hormones increase the amount of energy in the short term but in the long run, can lead to depression and also alter neural circuitry for ones’ self-regulation.

Technology has negatively affected children in the way they feel, think, and put their safety, and privacy at risk. Time spent on technology does not give children newfangled means of handling different issues but changes the way their brain works. The video games make the brain to have the ability to provide attention to multiple stimuli and can lead to decreased memory and distraction. Children who are addicted to the internet lack sufficient time to use their information or even to read and think deeply about what they read. Also, technology can rob a child’s ability to empathize. Children with less exposure to technology are better in picking up emotions and the many non-verbal cues as compared to those who continually use technology. Technology also offers a child’s mood. According to Hoadley, said that kids who use the technological devices for more than four hours lack the same sense of well-being as compared to those who use them in less than an hour. Having less physical contact, children may have difficulty in developing both emotional reactions and social skills. Most children who use different technology may unwittingly share particular information that may put them in danger. Also, the anonymity of technology makes it easier for people to bully each other.

In conclusion, technological advancements have many negative impacts on children growing up in today’s world. Children have become addicted to technology in the last decade. They tend to pay less attention to more critical issues in their day to day activities. Some of the negative impacts include laziness, having a brain that not function appropriately, change in the way they feel or think, and negatively affect their safety and privacy. It is thus vital for everyone who relates to the children in one way or another to discourage them from inappropriate use of technology and teach them responsible utilization. It’s the role of teachers and parents to monitor technology use at school and home to ensure technology is used responsibly. Having alternatives to technology is also another way to solve the problem.

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