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Technology advancements have always had an
important impact on the economy, industry and the job market.  Emergence of Cloud computing technology has
brought a turbulent revolution in the job market sector worldwide and its
impact can be very much felt in the Indian scenario too. It has made a tremendous impact on the Information Technology (IT)
industry over the past few years, where large companies such as Google, Amazon
and Microsoft strive to provide more powerful, dependable and cost- efficient
cloud platforms, and business organizations seek to reshape their business
models to gain benefit from this new paradigm. Cloud computing is a dynamic medium for
creating job opportunities and data storage securely due to its potential to
facilitate information access, advance collaboration and reinvent traditional
IT structures.

The concept of cloud computing has its various
interpretations and applications, but it primarily refers to technology that
delivers powerful computing resources via the web.   This computing approach relies on a number of
existing technologies, e.g. the internet, virtualization, grid computing, web
services, etc.
As a result of the shift to cloud, there is growing demand for professionals
and managers that are more focused on business development than they are in
application development. There will be greater opportunities for enterprise
architects, and some new job descriptions will include cloud architects, cloud
capacity planners, cloud service managers, cloud support engineers, cloud
administrator/ architect etc.  Though the
word “cloud” may not be a part of the job title but would be very prominent in
their job design. It has been found that IT cloud services helped organizations
of all sizes and all vertical sectors around the world generate more than $400
billion in revenue and 1.5 million new jobs. In the next four years, the number
of new jobs will generate in million. 
The Indian IT sector companies would also follow suit, a study by EMC
and Zinnov Management Consulting estimates the total cloud market in India at
$400 million: this is expected to touch $4.5 billion by 2020.

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The Proposed paper aims to provide an all-
encompassing  insights into the  important applications and impacts on job
creation and job design with special emphasis on the Indian IT sector .

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