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Teacher’s Without Frontiers (TWF) is a program developed to empower teachers, particularly women, in technologically challenged and deprived remote areas of Pakistan. The initiative is envisioned as a movement and an opportunity for teachers to increase their knowledge, skills and approaches through a wide range of innovative learning opportunities.TWF aims to change the mindset of teachers, by instilling a passion in them through fostering the culture of professional development and growth; to primarily enhance and improve the experience of blended learning. TWF envisions to revitalize the landscape of teacher training and education. As a matter of fact, TWF pitches technology at the core to drive and define teacher training in Pakistan with the opportunities to access the online repository. Broadening the e-learning experience, TWF has developed a dedicated Portal, aptly named as the Learning Chowk (chowk is the Urdu word for a town “square”) signifying a central place for learning which is accessible to everyone.The whole idea is to give the flavor of the blended learning and technology enabled solutions in the education industry. The thought of designing 24-hour courseware for the teachers or the government schools and the public schools who don’t have an access to the information technology and they have no clue about on how technology can be beneficial when it comes to teaching in a classroom practice. This initiative started in 2016 and is the largest initiative taken by any organization in Pakistan.The whole idea of this particular program is to help people understand how information can be used for education. The client believes that finding a good resource is a skill which you can not taught in 30 hours or 40 hours; it comes with experience. With the young students from University of Waterloo who are  prone to use technology in a classroom practice and know how to gather useful data; it would be the most viable solution and prepare proposals for the use of information technology to support Teachers Without Frontiers’ objectives.

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