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“Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who don’t use technology will be replaced by those who do.”. It is crazy to  that the one device that will power and empower our following generations isn’t being used in schools. How do we expect to enhance our society, if we don’t have the proper tools to do so? Technology offers students all of their resources in one spot. Textbooks, pens and papers, calculators, and lessons, are all accessible on an educational device. Subsequently, we are preparing students for their future. Approximately fifty percent of today’s jobs use technology, and in the next decade, experts expect that percentage to increase to seventy-seven percent. Furthermore, technology greatly benefits students. Not only does technology provide opportunities, but it helps students learn at their own pace. If it wasn’t for technology, our society would not be as advanced as it is right now. Technology is an imperative resource to have in the classroom. It offers many more opportunities than our primeval ways of pen and paper. As the workplace continues to incorporate technology, it seems more than reasonable to have it as an educational resource for both students and teachers. The use of technology in the classroom should be mandatory as it has positive effects on student achievement, future employment opportunities, and it is easily accessible. Students often struggle with organization when all of their resources are in different books, binders and bags. With technology, this problem can be easily avoided. Electronic devices such as Ipads, Laptops, and classroom desktops can all act as great gateways to educational resources. There are many educational resources available on devices such as the google apps (classroom, docs, slides), online tests and all lessons can be found online, and finally, homework help can be found online too. Additionally, students can find their school supplies all on one device. Calculators, pens and papers, textbooks, and lessons are all available on a device. This makes it easier for students to keep their resources in one spot. Also, The easy editing that can occur on word processing softwares will help teach students how to properly format their work, making them an overall more organized person. Finally, online resources such as edmodo, or google classroom offer students an online agenda. On these web pages students can see their homework, receive extra resources, and communicate with other classmates. In conclusion, students greatly benefit when technology is used in the classroom.Not only does technology help with being organized and accessible, it prepares students for the future. Approximately fifty percent of today’s jobs use technology, and in the next decade, experts expect that percentage to increase to seventy-seven percent. By integrating technology into our 21st century education we are preparing our future generations for their adulthood. By creating exposure to technology, we are giving them a great foundation for their future careers. Some of the world’s richest people are associated with technology. Bill Gates is a prime example. He is the founder of Microsoft, one of the worlds biggest technology brands. Bill Gates estimated net worth is $92.8B. Additionally, the highest paying technology job is a software developer with an average salary of $100,080. Finally, technology offers a great backup plan for everyone. Nowadays, employers are looking for people with experience with the trade. If all else fails, you still have a great base understanding of technology, that you can further study in your post-secondary years. In conclusion, Technology is incorporated in almost every trade you can think of. By learning and understanding this tool, it could greatly change your life for the better.Technology in the classroom not only helps teachers, but it helps students. Technology is proven to engage, benefit, and support ones educational path. Electronic devices are essential resources to have in the classroom because they engage students. Using technology is proven to keep students focused longer, and makes them excited to learn. This greatly helps students learn, and teachers follow their lesson plans. Additionally, technology greatly benefits students. The internet can be a students greatest friend if they obey the rules. The amount of online resources accessible to students is enough to re teach them every single lesson they learned in their class. Websites like Khan Academy, and the vast amount of how-to youtube videos can help a student through their toughest times. Furthermore, technology greatly helps students who aren’t as fast learners as others. Technology helps students learn at their own pace.

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