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Task 3Using mobile technologies  in a business and staff has its benefits as well as limitations..

A benefit of using  mobile technologies  in businesses and for staff is they can always be contactable.  The drawback of using mobile technologies is other people  can easily steal personal data like locations.  Mobile technologies are easy to hack and personal information about business can be leaked that could potentially harm the business.   Employees are always contactable  so this means they can be called in at any time. This is bad because employees deserve  a time off and relax. But from a business point of view they think that the employees are the key to solve a problem.

Mobile devices offer employees the chance to work from home so they have no excuses not to do work this means less time for them to spend with their family. We use mobile technology in businesses for constant communication with clients. Business rely heavily on wireless and fast internet to meet businesses requirements. Businesses are partnering with internet providers to help improve and keep wireless networks that support the mobile device connectivity needs. Advancement in technology drive the demand for enhanced internet which means more reliable, faster and secure.  Staff can always access their files using the internet if its save on cloud storage.

This will be beneficial for the company because it would save money. This means the company doesn’t need to hire an IT technician to fix problems because it all on the internet.  Mobile technology can disrupt the workflow of the staff therefore decrease the level of productivity. However to make sure the staff do no misuse their phone the business can enable features on the SIM cards to restrict the use of the device for business purposes only.  A benefit of using mobile technology on business is it enhances portability most mobile technology are wireless devices that have network capability and apps like skype that can be used to hold virtual meetings. Any member can join a skype doesn’t matter where they are in the world.

The drawback of using skype meeting someone over skype will have a less personal impact on them than meeting them face to face this could potentially ruin business relationships. Mobile technology can help make better market strategies which can increase the profitability in the business. Employees can have accessed to resources and data at any time to complete their task such as digital marketing. Ethical issues for the use of mobile technologyPrivacy is one of the ethical impacts mobile technology has on businesses.

 For example businesses can monitor electronic activity of the staff.  This raises the question how much privacy are employees entitled to have. Security is another ethical problem mobile technology has on a business. Hackers can easily uses an IP address to access an employee’s computer and therefore collect data that could ruin the business. Internet cookies which collect information whenever someone uses the internet.  Businesses put a lot of pressure on IT technicians to fix any issues that may rise. But this pressure and stress results may lead to imperfection. In some remote areas they don’t have access to the internet which means they don’t have access to information that could help them.

A student in a remote area may not have access to the information that could help with education.

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