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I come from
Vietnam but now I have been living in England for nearly 2 years. Over the
years, I have observed that there are many differences between Vietnam and
English cultures. This essay will make comparisons
and contrariety of education and transport in Vietnam and the UK.

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begin with transport in Vietnam. It’s easy, cheap and exciting because there is
a huge of different options and each has
its own benefit. Vietnam transportation is improving
rapidly in terms of both quantity and quality. For long distance travel,
domestic flights are fast while bus journeys and train are slow but scenic.  In the past, Vietnamese people were not able
to travel long distances. The planes were not popular then because they used to
be a very expensive means of transport. Nowadays, they have become very mobile.
They have fast and comfortable cars and more and more people also travels by
plane for long distance travel. To compare with the UK, passenger journeys have
grown much more quickly than Vietnam. British people travel for many reasons
but, for longer journeys, five main purposes can be identified such as visiting
friends and relatives, leisure, holidays, business travel and commuting according
to Demand for Long Distance Travel website. With 24 international airports in
the UK and a variety of cheap flights on offer, it’s easy to travel between UK
cities and long distance.

Additionally, the transportation system in the UK is very well developed.
You can go everywhere around the city for 5 pounds and you will get 3 transfers
from bus to another bus, or a bus to the subway within a day, it’s efficient
and I think it’s very easy to approach public transport in the UK. Moreover,
there is a range of options to pay for your travel such as pay by cash, oyster
card, contactless, so on. In the same way, public transport in Vietnam is quite
good because we have a lot of buses and a very convenient subway which almost
goes to places so you can reach many places by riding the subway, buses even
motorbikes or taxies. However, transport in Vietnam allows passengers to travel
using ticket or cash, card payment is not popular in this country as the UK – according
to Transportation in Vietnam website.

In conclusion, the
number of people traveling by public transportation instead of using private traffic.
Therefore, the environment will become cleaner and people could commute faster
and work more effectively.

difference between Vietnam and the UK is the fact that nowadays the access to
education is much easier. In the past, in Vietnam,
there were fewer schools and the quality of the education they provided was
much poorer. Besides, nowadays it is much easier to find the educational
materials that they need thanks to the Internet. In both systems have the same
3 levels of education as Primary education, Secondary education and Higher education
and the starting age of schooling. In
Vietnam, the pre-school period is completely
optional. However, going to primary and secondary is surely compulsory. For
these 3 levels, people have to pay tuition in Vietnam. School open time from 7 am to 11.30am and usually have a time break for
lunch to go back home and continues from 1:00 pm
to 5:00 pm. In contrast, the Wikimedia UK website reported that the tuition fee for the nursery, primary,
secondary education, people does not pay any fees in England although parents
will have to cover costs for uniform, transport or school materials. The school
day generally runs from 8.30 or 9 am to around 4 pm although student will often
stay later to attend classes or activities. In conclusion, though there
are differences between the education
systems in Vietnam and England, the knowledge of
student may remain the same.

to hear from you soon. (642 words)

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