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into account the intangibility, perishability, heterogeneity of the product as
well as simultaneity of production and consumption that are the unique
characteristics of services, service employees play a crucially important role.
Specifically, encounter with service staff is the most important aspect of a
service and frontline performance is an important source of differentiation and
competitive advantage as it is a core part of the product, the service firm and
the brand.

employees are, also, an important driver of customer loyalty as they are
anticipating customer needs, customize service delivery and building personalized
relationships as “moments of truth” drive customers’ perception of the service

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that context, Aegean and Olympic Air oveeall have 2,504 employees offering to
them continuous training. The personnel of Aegean and Olympic is selected and
trained regarding the company needs. For safety reasons and for reasons of
continuous professional documentation and certification, the cockpit crew is
passing through control checks and tests every 6 months and the cabin crew
every 12 months. Also, Aegean and Olympic 
organize their training and development development in areas that
concern: staff providing customer service in flight and in ground operations  and staff that provide services for the
company. Also, the executive training company WINNING MARKETING Ltd is an
outsource cooperator with Aegean and Olympic that trains flight crew staff to
handle customer complains and provide proper customer service offering and
care. In 2016, regarding the companys’ sustainability report 1.570 total
training hours were completed with 719 participants (Aegean Sustainability
Report, 2016, p64).

structure of operations consists a competitive advantage for the company

applying flat hierchical organizational structure, the advantage of a uniform
distribution of functionality and load between the participating nodes is
obtained, which guarantees that there is no single point of failure between the
coordinators of the company decisions.

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