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Table 4 above shows the first phase of assessment for modeling techniques
based on different business process viewpoints. All three of the modeling techniques
i.e. EPC, UML and BPMN 2.0 ??studied here have a freely available meta-model and
can, therefore, be extended at any time. They are therefore rated all three
with a +. But BPMN 2.0 and UML diagram is favored by most of the business
analyst and process managers because of their standardization by OMG. Most
notable thing from above evaluation is that process-oriented modeling technique
BPMN 2.0, however, succeeded faraway in terms of all four business process
perspective with the highest score of +16.

MAHLE Behr point of view, behavioral perspective plays a central role while selecting
any modeling technique because it directly relates to organizational
performance by managing the process workflow among different functional units
to optimize and improve their business processes. But a different modeling
technique uses more or less the same graphical notations (elements) while
modeling any process. There is no way of explaining which methods are best
suited in terms of notation.  In the
second phase of evaluation, we will quantify the result of the first phase by
comparing the availability of basic elements like events, functions, branches,
and control, data and message flow, responsibilities, data and software systems
in Flow Chart, EPC, BPMN and UML diagram (see Table 5).

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mentioned modeling methods are used by many organizations and considered as a
standard for good documentation of business processes. They basically include
freely accessible graphical notations and common terminology. Other modeling
methods like RAD, DFD, Petri Net and many more, are out of questions because they
do not fulfill the requirements set out here, for example, they are too
difficult to learn, have limited regularity, or that their elements are already
controlled in the methods mentioned above.

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