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Tableof contentDigital media and technology was classified as one of thefastest growing concepts in the world. It has changed the way we do just abouteverything. It has made a considerable transformation in how we interact and communicate and also allows us to unlock a hugecollection of information and communication data. The use of digital devicessuch as computers, TV, mobile phones and video game has increased substantiallyover the past few years globally with every corner of the globe having someform of internet available.

Technology has helped humanity get things donefaster and there is no any doubt or shortage of identification of theseincreased benefits to humanity. The problem is the current SMEs and younggeneration lack of digital skills and knowledge ,because some of them do notuse the internet for work purposes thereason is too expensive to pay somebody to set it up or they think usingdigital technology is not necessary for business and they also don’t know howto create a website or they coern about the security problem brings by digitalmedia and technology.Because of these, Google announced plans to work with training providerAVADO, SPRING SPRING Singapore and Singapore’s Infocomm Media DevelopmentAuthority (IMDA) to launch Squared Online for SMEs, a digital leadership andmarketing programme aimed at fostering the next generation of digital leadersin Singapore. Squared Online for SMEs is designed to equipbusinesses and their leaders of the future with the right tools and a globalmindset to embrace emerging opportunities in digital. The aim is to train 1,000business leaders from SMEs by 2019 and 120 participants per cohort can takepart.

Based on the article, the issue istalking about the important of knowledge in digital and how Google work with training provider AVADO, SPRINGSPRING Singapore and Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) tolaunch Squared Online for SMEs, a digital leadership and marketing programmeaimed at fostering the next generation of digital leaders in Singapore. Otherthan that, there is another important issues that is Squared Online for SMEs isdesigned to equip businesses and their leaders of the future with the righttools and a global mindset to embrace emerging opportunities in digital. Besidethat, the aim is to train 1,000 business leaders from SMEs by 2019 and 120participants per cohort can take part. AVODA also shared that in line withSingapore government’s “SMEs Go Digital Programme” , this programme is  to help SMEs build stronger digitalcapabilities to seize the opportunities for growth in the digital economy.    In my opinion, there is somemethod of digital training Google can provide. First is E learning programme,Google can conduct a E learning programme for SMEs ,a key advantage of Elearning is that it has quicker delivery cycle times than traditional formaltraining in training center. E learning method also can reduces learning time by at least 25 to 60 percent whencomparing when traditional learning method. E learning could cuts down on the training time required because it does not take as long to start up and wrap up onelearning session.

E learning also able to allowed learners to settheir own pace, rather than the pace of the group. E learning also don’t haveto travel time to get to and from training events and learners can focus on elements of a programme theyneed to learn and can skip what they already know Training in SMEs is deemed to benefit frome-Learning for various reasons, both economical and technical. This includesreduced travel costs, training needs being met at a more appropriate time forthe organization and its employees, and no need having a replace employeesduring work hours.

E-Learning  alsoreduces training time and can lead to increased employee productivity andbusiness performance. A key of an advantage of Elearning is that it has quicker delivery cycle times than traditional trainingand development centre. Google also can provide InformationCommunication Technology (ICT) training for SMEs because ICT can change the waypeople communicate, learn, and conduct their business. It also can help inmeeting development learning challenges in many ways.

ICT also enable information andknowledge to travel faster and further because ICT is a catalyst in advancingeconomic growth and overcome the hurdle of distance and time, and significantlyimprove the accessibility of information and knowledge. The result will be thesharing of information data and knowledge in a fast and effective way andbecomes practically and acts as a key element in achieving development goalsand lighten the impact of unforeseen event such as natural disaster or disease.  There are several benefits from this training and programme for SMEs which is digital skills able to authorize  their organization to nurtures for a better relationships with their customer and train them to use digital skill to help organization drive more revenue by using digital or online advertisement because this will can allow advertisers to reach significantly more people than traditional advertising media at a fraction of the cost SMEs also more targeted than some traditional media, making certain thing that the messages are seen by the most relevant audiences. One of the most effective of SMEs leaders training is working with intermediary institutions.

Schemes that fund intermediary institution work out with this function to third parties that are customary having interaction with businesses. Intermediaries also have to control well and come out with their own management costs.   As a conclusion, any country and government should support SMEs and next generation in digital development because it is also important to development a country by helping domestic enterprises to international by provide E learning training programme to strengthen the skill and knowledge about digital media and technology of people, government and Google also can provide Information Communication Technology (ICT) training for SMEs or young generation and potential entrepreneur to  enable  help boost and foster economic growth and development at the micro and macro levels.  Just like Ghislain Le Chatelier mentioned, the key to  future success is getting digital. We also hopefully the offering of a dedicated marketing programme by Google can help SME leaders to grow their customer base and thrive in an increasingly mobile-first world. 

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