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t is November 2009, and we are talking in the secluded lounge of a London hotel. Bailey Rae, 30, is perched on the edge of her seat, dosing herself with peppermint tea to soothe a throat hoarse from rehearsals with her band. She is polite, sweetly smiling, but clearly apprehensive. The Sea won’t be released until February, and she is not yet used to discussing the inspirations for, and meaning behind, many of the songs on the album.Compare the current England squad to that which went to Italia 90, and it’s apparent that the Caribbean roots now run much deeper. Of the players who were selected for England’s last round of World Cup qualifiers, just over half a dozen have familial ties to the West Indies. Kyle Walker, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Nathan Redmond and Raheem Sterling share Jamaican heritage, with the latter brought up in Kingston for a time; Jermain Defoe was born to a Dominican father and a St Lucian mother; Nathaniel Clyne has Grenadian parentage, and so on. Take into account all those who have had an England call up in the last few years, and there are several other high-profile players who deserve a mention, not least Daniel Sturridge, Chris Smalling, Theo Walcott and Danny Rose. Just as Britain and the West Indies are twinned historically, socially and economically, so too is football in England informed by its share of Caribbean identity, and along with its British and Irish heart one could say that English football has a Caribbean soul.My mother’s determination and the support of an aunt effected a compromise. She was allowed to train as a nurse, but she would have to be presented and accept the party invitations. I asked her one day, ‘How many of the other girls who came out with you were working?’ ‘None’ she said. Nowadays families are pretty pleased when a daughter has a nursing vocation. And most eighteen year olds do not expect to do nothing; they work or go to University.The Arts and Humanities The arts and humanities are largely confined to folk representations. The trappings of black power, Afro clothing, and plaited hair have appeared and disappeared. However, there has been a new appreciation of self and a search for national identity. The new consciousness has found expression in research into local folk music, folktales, proverbs, riddles, and dialects. There has been an attempt to recognize and reconcile the African contributions to Montserrat’s cultural mosaic.Generally, there is a requirement that the petitioner supply proof of ability to provide financial support for the party whose migration to Finland is being sought.  However, there are some exceptions to the financial support requirement.  The exception applies to Finnish and Nordic citizens and their families, as well as to child petitioners and refugees.  Orelia moved to the United States a few years ago from the small Caribbean island of St. Kitts, located in the West Indies.  While in St. Kitts, Miss Orelia worked for one of the best resorts on the island for over 30 years. Every afternoon after work she would open her home up to local school children in the third through sixth grade. In addition to providing homework help, she also enjoyed playing outdoor games such as soccer, cricket, and basketball with the kids. Always happy to help, Orelia also tutored adults from her village in reading, writing, and mathematics.Icelandic and Nordic citizens and permanent residents and certain temporary residents (those who have received resident permits for employment for which a specialized skill is required on grounds of athletic talent, pursuit of a doctoral degree, or humanitarian principles) may bring their family members to Iceland.  Residents

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