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System Architecture in Fig. 1
shows that our proposed system SAFR is a menu driven android application
helpful for farmers. SAFR is an integrated software application designed for
android-based mobile devices which targets to help assist the modern farmers
for market management.

SAFR will be able to solve the
following problems regarding farming:

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SAFR serves as a platform for displaying of
agricultural products from the farms or industries (fertilizers, pesticides,
machine tools) directly to the consumer/retailer.

SAFR provides security for online transactions
using standard algorithms i.e. payment gateways are used.

SAFR encrypts the data/information such as login
information, product information, and history of purchase using AES algorithm.

SAFR uses CFRA, which continuously updates the
product, lists according to rank of products based on ratings and reviews.



Login includes information
of farmer like name, address,phone number of farmer to give daily updates. Area
of interest are totally based on the farmer interest. Encryption algorithm
provided to encrypt the data, which are entered at the login time. After
encryption of data Buyer and seller, Buyer, Administrator performs following

Check product

Check feedback of products

Add to cart

Remove from cart


Rating and Reviews

Database are provided for storing
product information, purchase login. Payment is secured by using payment
gateway is provided. Which generate OTP and then decides payment is successful
or not. After successful payment receipt generation occurs.



I. Advanced Encryption Standard
(AES) is symmetric key algorithm for public scrutiny and comment. AES converts
the plain text into cipher text.

II. Collaborative Filtering
Recommendation Algorithm: Collaborative filtering algorithm used for providing
rank to products based on rating and reviews.


Our proposed
system SAFR will support all the smart phones on the Android platform. This
application is more helpful to farmers to get all information exclusively in
one touch at any time, at any place. SAFR provides utility to the farmers as
presently there is no single platform where all the problems of farmers are
addressed in the real time without the involvement of a middleman. SAFR not
only provides fair selling prices to the farmers, but also provides additional
features such as information sharing and guidance based on area of interests.
Through this mobile application SAFR, we can make sure it is profitable for
both farmers and consumers. We also aspire to provide support for more Indian
languages for the widespread outreach and utilization of the application. SAFR
provides payment gateways for secure transactions using standard algorithm and
data encryption for private information using AES algorithm. Collaborative
Filtering Recommendation Algorithm (CFRA) is used for rating and reviews which
provides a ranking of products after selecting the area of interest. 


No project can be successfully
completed without the support of experienced and technical minds. We would like
to express our heartfelt gratitude towards our inspirational guide and mentor
prof. Sharmila Chopade whose firm belief in us led to the success of this
Project. We would be failing in our duties if we

do not mention our family members
whose moral support helped us to focus on our project.


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