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                                 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY

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et al, 1970 define system analysis as the methodological study of a system, its
current and the future required objectives and procedures in order to inform a
basis for the system and the design. Jerry, 1989 also define system analysis as
the process of analyzing system with the potential goals of improving and
modifying it. In other words, system analysis is the detailed look at the
current system and what a new system will be required to do; system analysis
always leads to system design which is the development of new system that will
meet the future requirements.

basic tool of system analysis is the ability to prove, enquire, observe more
and reconciles all what happens in any situation. With this alone, the
information gathered is analyzed to identify the components of the system,
creating a structure from which the essential requirements can most efficiently
be met.

scope of the research covers the Motor Licensing office Accra in the registration of vehicle and
identification of missing vehicles in the country.


                                 3.1 FACT FINDING MEHOD USED


data used in the study were collected from two sources of data collection, the
primary and secondary source.

Source: This involves oral interviews conducted with various personnel in the
licensing office in Accra, the licensing office and the Board of Internal
Revenue in reviewing and sharing their experience about

difficulties they undergo in using the manual system in vehicle and plate
number registration issuance and allocation.

Source: These include the use of textbooks, dictionary, journals newspaper and
Internet downloads to collect data in order to understand what the vehicle and
plate number registration and identification is all about.

Observation Method: This involves our personal visit to the Motor Licensing
office Accra. I
observed the untidiness of the offices, long queue of the vehicle owners and
the difficulties the staff face in preparing these documents.




Registration used to involve manual recording of vehicle’s information which
ranges from cars to buses and later to trucks and heavy duty equipment on
ledgers and tracking other related information such as registration, road
worthiness test certificates, change of ownership, engine and chassis numbers;
and expiration of road license. This process has been extremely inefficient and
recovery of the information was not possible once ledgers were damaged or lost
as it frequently occurs.

current manual process employed by the state agencies charged with
administering motor vehicle documentation and registration has over the years
failed to effectively address the objectives of the stakeholders to the process
i.e. the federal and state authorities, vehicle owners and users in the



organization’s operation is always out by employing a particular system or
method, which may be by use of machine or manual system of operation. Accra motor licensing
offices carries out their operation on motor vehicle registration manually.

this process of manual operation, the applicant who requires that his (New
Vehicle, fairly use or Brand-New Vehicle) should be registered,

 He should also come with the necessary
documents like custom duty certificate, bill of entry,custom payment schedule,
import duty certificate, receipt authenticating the total amount paid to the
former owner be it government or the vehicle dealer together with the host of
other document. These documents are checked in order to make sure that they bear
custom stamp and signature and also complete. After he has gone through this,
he now instruct the inspector officer in writing on the completed form for the
applicant to go ahead with registration of his vehicle as well state the fees
to be paid for the vehicle.

fees are charged based on the following:

category of the vehicle

amount the vehicle bought

purpose the vehicle will serve


the applicant has been charged the next person who is the inspection officer
will now inspect the vehicle to know if the vehicle component numbers are
filled in the form like the chassis and engine numbers with what he has on his
vehicle. After inspection, the officer will now forward the form to the
sub-cashier, who collects the money, write a receipt specifying the amount paid
and pass back the receipt to the motor licensing authority for signing.

Data Collection Flow Chart




of internal revenue to an establishment that yields money for the government
through vehicle licensing operation of  which vehicle registration is one of the
functions. Vehicle licensing office is a body, which has their operational area
at different local government and districts.

licensing office, Accra has the Directorate of  vehicle administration as one of the order of
command. They are in charge of administration of motor licensing operations all
over the region, which is headed by Directorate of motor registration who is
under the order of chairman of board of internal revenue, which is the apex of
this structure. Below the directorate of motor vehicle administration is the
principal licensing officer who is in control of the urban licensing


assistant motor licensing authority heads assessment department. They are in
charge of every inspection done both in the vehicle and the form. They have
clerks that write for them.


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