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on Structural Health Monitoring system of the Golden boy, Manitoba

Golden Boy is one of the special identities of the province of Manitoba,
located at the crown of the Manitoba legislative building. A strong desire of
developing a fascinating future for the youngsters of Manitoba, a artistic
symbol was thought to be required. Artist George Gardet, a French artist designed
the statue and bought into shape in 1918. The concept behind the art was that
the youth’s destiny must be to achieve enlightenment and wealth together in
abundance in the future. It was depicted with a torch in one hand and a grain
sheaf on the other. Later, it was shipped to decorate the legislative buildings

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Manitoba Legislative Building with its momentous symbol, the Golden Boy Statue,
speaks to a bond between the present day socialized world and old folklore,
which is shown through the creative outline work. Amid a current examination in
2001, the help shaft of the Golden Boy was observed to be seriously harmed because
of erosion of the steel shaft. The erosion around the pole diminished the
breadth by roughly 10%. It was because of the holes drilled in order to do
wiring for the torch which became a source for the moisture and precipitation
to enter the core shaft of the Golden Boy. Both hypothetical and trial tests
were performed, which showed that under expected pinnacle wind speeds, the
Golden Boy’s pole would reach roughly 93% of extreme limit. This showed there
was a dire need to repair the structure with the goal that it would not fall
prey to a cataclysmic disappointment for example, being thumped of its roost by
serious breezes and falling through the top of the vault.

Consulting Limited gave a full point by point chronicled survey and
investigation of the Golden Boy’s auxiliary condition in June 2001. Endoscopic
examination and x-rays, affirmed that the steel shaft, which keeps running from
the fixity of the vault of the working up through the left foot of the Golden
Boy and along within the left leg, at long last ending at middle stature, had
consumed over the bronze connect. The erosion of the steel diminished the breadth
of the pole by roughly 10%. Dillon Consulting and the Canadian Network of
Centers of Excellence on Intelligent Sensing for Innovative Structures (ISIS
Canada) worked out a recovery plot and a Structural Health Monitoring framework
for the Golden Boy. A 1:20 model of the statue was subjected to the wind tunnel
test, which was subjected to a wind of 100 year return period.

the Dead load and the Wind load as the critical loads bending moments, axial
loads, shear forces and torques are being calculated and are being compared
with the allowable stress capacities. It was found that the maximum principal
stress is 254.72 Mpa and the actual yield stress is 275Mpa. Thus the pole
supporting the statue had been subjected to 91% of its definitive limit, while
the anticipated worry from the test was 93% of the ultimate capacity.

Golden Boy was dismantled and taken offsite for rebuilding. It took a while to
finish the reclamation procedure, which comprised of disassembling the statue
with care by finding and slackening the joints, supplanting the corroded core
shaft with another stainless steel shaft, introducing the sensors and wiring
for the SHM framework, and replacing the statue. All through the rebuilding
process, there was one objective at the top of the priority list to keep up and
protect the model as nearly as conceivable to its unique appearance.

Canada outlined and established an auxiliary stability checking framework for
Golden Boy, comprising of three kinds of sensors: accelerometers, strain
checks, electric protection and fiber optic, and temperature sensors. Two
accelerometers set at the highest point of the segment that is backing the
statue and will gauge the beat, or vibration, of the Golden Boy. In the event
that the accelerometers give a perusing outside the ordinary range, assistance
for examination into the wellbeing of the structure is required. As wind and
different climate frameworks make the Golden Boy and his core shaft move or
vibrate, the accelerometers will record these movements.

second kind of sensor is a strain gauge. Strain is caused in the supporting
pole by the activity of the wind on the Golden Boy. The strain gauges will be
put in a few areas around the column section, close to the foot on which the
Golden Boy is resting. A mix of strain measures and Bragg grating fiber optic
sensors will screen typical scopes of strain on the segment bolster. In the
event that the strain readings fall outside the typical range, an alarm is
given to potential auxiliary structural problems certainly before a noteworthy
issue creates.

sensors are the third sort of check utilized on the Golden Boy. These will
quantify temperature, which directly affects the material properties of the

access to these three cutting edge sensors, the Golden Boy’s structural
stability will be all around observed. This is a vital advance for moving the
care of the statue far from a high cost, intense care strategy for upkeep
towards a more cost productive, deterrent human services model of support. Much
like the present surgery strategies, basic wellbeing checking of the Golden Boy
is non-obtrusive to the statue itself.

of the Golden Boy, is achieved basically using accelerometers. It is helpful,
in any case, to look at the vibration qualities of the Golden Boy at a streamlined
level, as it identifies with the statue’s SHM framework. The Golden Boy’s steel
bolster shaft is a basic component that can be approximated as a solitary vertical
cantilever. So by considering Single degree of freedom the Stiffness (K), Mass
(M), Moment f Inertia (I) and the Natural frequency (f) by dynamic analysis
were calculated. If there is any deviations between the theoretical natural
frequency and the calculated natural frequency occurs then the engineers has to
take serious note of it and to work on that.

the on- going performance of the Golden Boy is monitored by reading the values
produced by the sensors attached to it. It is considered to be a vital
requirement to attain a long term safety and stability assurance program for
the Golden Boy and it is also expected to be cost beneficial too.

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