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Sustainability is the
study of how natural systems function, remain diverse and produce everything it
needs for the ecology to remain in balance.

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Sustainable Future

To identify those characteristics
of community and society that are essential for ecological sustainability,
characteristics that, regardless of diversity and cultural preferences, to
encourage the development of multiple visions of a sustainable future based
on a sustainable scale perspective. to
suggest some approaches as to how these characteristics might be developed
To encourage the development of
multiple visions of a sustainable future based on a sustainable scale

Sucursal Banistmo Versalles

Banistmo Versalles is LEED, Platinum Bank branch located in Plaza Locales
Panamá Versalles, Versalles, Panama City. The project consists of one-story
space with a gross square footage of 3,478 square feet. The distribution of the
project consists of a reception area, customer services, retail areas (bank
teller, bank vault), offices, and supports areas (cafeteria, restroom,
electromechanical rooms)

Some sustainable aspects of project
are as follows:

percent of water use reduction.55
percent of lighting power density reduction.90
percent of equipment and appliances meets the energy star standard.The
HVAC system of the bank branch has a zonal design, complies with ASHRAE
90.1-2007 Standard and meets the efficiency requirements of the Advanced
Buildings Core Performance Guide. Also, active controls are provided
capable of modulating the Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes in response of
space demand.75
percent of the waste generated in the construction of the project was
diverted from the landfill by reusing, and recycling.Low
VOC materials.

Current Environmental Condition Of
MUST And Strategies For A Sustainable Campus

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Innovative Solar Charging Tables

Power Up Laptops, Phones, &
Portable Devices.

Instead of using paper notebooks and agendas, use your laptop
to take notes and keep track of assignments and meetings. Stop buying
and using plastic water bottles. Instead, find a nice, reusable bottle (can be
found at any pharmacy) to refill throughout the day. To solve a water quality
problem, simply buy a filter for your sink, or a pitcher with a built-in water
filter to keep in the refrigerator.

See if it is possible for your campus to provide a compost
bin for food waste from the cafeteria.

It is widely known that automobile emissions are a
significant contributor to pollution. Offset this by biking or walking where
possible, or take your campuses public transportation to classes.

So much power goes to waste when we leave lights and
devices on when they are not in use. Be sure to flip the switch when you leave
the room & unplug your devices when they are finished charging.

CFL or LED bulbs not only provide a better quality of
light, but they also use less electricity.







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