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Supervisors emphasize leading,
coordinating and directing to work of others in other to achieve the group
goals. Supervision is defined as overseeing or directing work or workers. One
advantage of the style of management is that it gives workers a sense of team work and motivates employees. The three principles:
critical thinking, employee engagement and employee intelligence affects
employee’s and supervisor’s experience.   

Supervisors are required to participate
in the supervision of their subordinates. They will need to maintain a positive
working environment and will need critical thinking skills for an effective
leader.  Critical thinking concept helps
supervisors in the decision making process which is the essence of leadership. “It
entails effective communication and problem solving abilities and a commitment
to overcome our native egocentrism and sociocentrism.” (Richard Paul and Linda
Elder, 2008) Therefore, critical thinking enables supervisors meet
organizations goals and strategies. Supervisors can applied these concepts in
identifying solutions and overcome problems in the workplace. They could show
their subordinates that they are consistent in their decisions and find a
better solution. An organization with great leadership and decision makers are
vital in employee’s job performance.

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There is a clear value in realizing and
working to increase emotional intelligence because it has the power to make a
better leader with compassion. Utilizing emotional intelligence will aid in
forming teams during collaborative projects, and assist leaders to understand
how to motivate and guide employees or team members. Leaders with a greater
awareness to emotional intelligence are usually more successful versus leaders
not in touch with emotional intelligence Good leaders must be self-aware and
understand how their verbal and non-verbal communication can affect the team.
(Gleeson, 2014) Meanwhile working under a manager with a significantly lower
level of emotional intelligence in the work environment brings low morale. The
lack of understanding and motivation left the staff unmotivated to work and
sometimes get alone with each other.

Employee engagement is when employees are
motivated and are committed to the jobs in order to meet the organization’s
goals. They are willing to stay with the organization because they have value
the work culture and their leaders within the organization.  The leaders need to provide strategies to keep
their employees motivated such as communication, trust and recognition. “The
analysis also tells us that when trust, values and a purpose-inspired mission
do not drive behavior in a company, far fewer of these engagement traits
exist. ” (Seidman, 2012)

Supervision is an integral part of a job
for employees to complete work successfully. Thus, supervisors need to
implement the three principles to succeed in overseeing everything and meeting
the organizational goals. These three principles are a great impact for all
individuals and leaders with this quality. Leaders without this quality may see
great struggle in the vision and motivation of the employees




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