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Summary: Non government organization to both provide emergency medical assistance and publically bear witness to the plight of the population they serve. MSF helps people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care.MSF is focused on helping those in need, especially when they are not provided with the proper medical assistance. They provide need to 18 countries and have over 2500 volunteers that are committed to providing help to anyone, marching passed -borders- to provide assistanceDecisions are made by the association of MSF, this includes the Board of Directors,  the management team, and all the members, that collectively work to make decisions. Concerns of the MSF include providing medical assistance to those in need especially to places that aren’t in a position to help themselves, MSF also bearing witness and speaking out, this includes testimonies to the UN  or conducting campaigns, projects, that include raising awareness of trauma faced by children in war zones. The plight of refugees… To get its funding, MSF relies on the general public which is the majority of its fund, but they also get support from foundations, corporations, non-profit organizations, The US as well as other governments and international agencies. With the money the MSF receives 80% goes to expenditures to program activities, Some of the fund also goes into prepackaged medical kits. NikeSummary: Nike is a global company that operates on six continents making Nike the world’s most competitive sports and fitness company. Nike is focused on creating performance opportunities for everyone who would benefit, and offering empowering messages for everyone to listen. Nikes interests are the people’s interests because that’s how they get their main goal, profit. When athletes are trending they tend to sponsor them then cater to them creating products with the athletes designs. They also look at fitness trends to base their products off of. Nike does not care about the interests of its employees, Nike has received tremendous criticism for the working conditions of the people employed by Nike in third world countries, as well as child labor. Decisions in Nike are chosen by the people in high positions. The athletes that Nike sponsors also has a small say in product design and to help with branding. The employees have no say. The primary concern of Nike seems to be to create a monopoly that they are in control of. They are the world’s most competitive sports and fitness company that creates products with low expenses then sells those same products at high costs to attain the most profit while pushing other companies under with their competitiveness. Nike gets its revenue from selling their products, they sometimes achieve the most revenue by using undermining tricks like child labor and poor factory conditions so their profit margins can increase.Nike uses some of its money for profit, but most of it goes to investing in design, development, marketing and sales, sponsors, and contracts with other companies to manufacture Nikes products.ShellSummary: Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies, operating in over 145 countries and employing over 115,000 people. They provide service stations for the public and deliver a wide range of energy solutions  and petrochemicals, Shell also transport and trades oil and gas, market natural gas, and providing energy efficiency advice Shell produces more than 3.5% of global gas and 3% of the world’s oil.I think ethics and elevating are the interests of Shell. Shell wants to advance clean energy by providing energy efficiency advice. Shell also cares about ethics in the workplace. This is why they don’t produce coal or nuclear power but also this is why they focus on diversity in their employees, and always focusing on their environmental and social performance. Decision are made by high position in the company but Shell works constructively with government officials, community doctors, engineers, scientists and executives to learn and develop.Shell focuses on respect for different cultures, nationalities, religions and tastes as principles in their many projects. Shell employs the most diverse group of people in the world. Shell prides themself in not producing coal or nuclear power.Shells funding is from their investments, performance, and projects. Shell keeps most of its profit, but a large sum of it goes to acquisitions, projects, and investing in themself so they can expand.The World BankSummary: The World Bank is one of the United Nations specialized agencies consisting of 184 member countries. The World Bank aims to make rich countries stream resources into poor countries so they can grow.The World Bank’s main interest is reaching the Millenial Development Goals aimed at sustainable poverty reduction. This is evident since The World Bank is one of the largest sources of development assistance. This institution is focused on the overall goal, which is to aid developing countries. The institution is made up of 184 countries, and all these countries are each responsible for how the institution is financed and how the money is spent.The main objective this institution is focused on is to end world poverty. The World Bank does this by providing low-interest loans, interest free credit, and and grants to developing nations. As well as makes the issue s in developing countries known so that everyone can participate in their relief.40 rich countries fund the institution by contributing money every four years. The world bank also gets interest free credit and grant financing from IDA.The World Bank is mainly focused on ending the poverty that exists in this world. They use the money they recieve from rich countries to aid developing countries. They use their money to build schools and help centres in developing countries as well as provide water, electricity, and fight disease. Organization of Petroleum Exporting CountriesSummary: OPEC is an international organization of eleven developing countries which are heavily reliant on oil revenues as their main source of income. They aim to bring stability and harmony to the oil market by adjusting their oil output to help insure a balance between supply and demand. OPEC currently has 11 members that supply 40% of the world’s oil output.OPEC primarily cares about its consumers and its 11 members. It is evident OPEC takes care of its member nations through its financial aid like loans, grants and resources they provide to their members. They also care about their consumer based on the goal of OPEC which is to arrange and bind together the oil policies of its member Nations and guarantee the adjustment of oil markets with a specific end goal to secure a productive, and consistent supply of oil to buyersOPEC’s decisions are usually based out of their headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Decisions are taken most of the time by Sovereigns and Head of State of OPEC. The organization’s objective is to coordinate and unify petroleum policies among member countries, in order to secure fair and stable prices for oil producers. They aim to promote cooperation, and help the poorer low income countries, this is usually guided by OPEC’s social and economic advancement.The organizations funds is contributions made from the member countries, the income achieved from investment loans.OPEC uses its money to for development projects and programs, humanitarian emergency relief, food aid, by contributing to other development institutions with similar goals to OPEC.

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