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Choudhry is a constitutional law pundit and Director of the Centre for
Constitutional Transition, CCT. He is also a career educationist, having
previously served as Dean and Professor of Law across different American and
Canadian universities.

holds law degrees from three universities; he attended University of Oxford on
a Cecil Rhodes scholarship, where he attained a Bachelor of Arts in Law, in
1994. He also has an LL.B. from the University of Toronto (1996) and Master of
Laws from the Harvard Law School (1998).

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Choudhry’s prowess in constitutional matters goes over two decades and has seen
him fraternize with policy makers and heads of governments across the African
continent, Asia and Europe. He has made great contributions towards the
development of Comparative Constitutional Law, working with different types of
institutions, including governments and policy institutes.

A champion
for democracy, Sujit Choudhry’s has been involved in various initiatives that
are geared towards fostering inclusive political systems and constitutionalism.
One such initiative is the bringing together of constitutional law peers and
experts from across the Atlantic to discuss recent political developments in two
European countries, Hungary and Poland, which have been worryingly hurtling
back towards an autocratic rule. The talks are aimed at finding the causes and solutions
to address the anti-democratic turn in the two countries. One of the reasons
given that necessitates these discussions and creates the same sense of urgency
is the fact that the economies and social structures of both Hungary and Poland
are intertwined within the European Union’s framework.

countries having been previously under authoritative rule, this is quite an
onerous undertaking for Sujit Choudhry and his team of experts but given the
depth of experience he has on constitutional matters and political systems, the
discussions may very well prove effective and lead to the necessary solutions. This
may well yet add another medal to the illustrious career of the distinguished Law

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