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statistics describe black boys as more likely than peers to be placed in
special education classes, labeled mentally retarded, suspended from school, or
drop out altogether (Bishop). Black boys are three times more likely to be
suspended or expelled from school than their white peers (Bell). This often
leads to them deciding to drop out from an un-welcome space. The majority of
these high school drop outs face economic failure compared to their peers who
did receive a high school diploma. The health of those drop outs is also likely
to be poorer than their peers and also 6 times more likely to be incarcerated
(Rumberger). Factors that affect the drop-out rate are varied by different circumstances
and as complex as they may be, for almost every case, dropping out is not a
sudden act but it is often a process of the child being disengaged (Bell).

            Advanced programs in schools are
less likely to place black males and more than twice as likely to place white
males in their programs. This is happening as black males find themselves twice
as likely to be classified mentally retarded in spite of research showing that
the intelligence level of all students no matter their race is about the same
(Holzman). This is due to the lack of professional knowledge of their teachers
and staff because the statistics prove so. These professionals fail to educate
all students with the same equality. The way these students get disciplined
take in account for a significant number of the Black male students who drop
out of high school and don’t obtain a diploma. School suspensions are more than
likely to happen in the lives of Black students which lead for them to end
their school careers.

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            Data from the U.S Department of
Education showed that from all K-12 African American students, 3.8 of them are
four times as likely to receive more school suspensions than their white peers.

The suspension percentage rate was 18 percent for Black young boys and 10
percent for Black young girls (Toppo). That same study showed that among white
students only 5 percent of boys and 2 percent girls were suspended only once (Toppo).

Suspension is very common amongst minority students and its often quick to
happen without teachers thinking of the consequences that can lead in the lives
of these students. Suspension equals to students missing valuable learning time
in the classrooms and leads them to stay behind in important subjects. The more
behind these children get, the less motivated they feel which leads to them
missing more class because they feel that it is now impossible to catch up and
understand the material. Another outcome that comes after suspension is ditching
school to be in the streets with their friends which can lead to the beginning of
gang affiliation and further acts that can lead to incarceration.

education today is not as unobtainable as it was in previous decades, it is
much more common now. Although a college degree is significant amongst any
ethnicity, in African American culture, a college degree is significant because
this race is still among the most marginalized ethnic group in American society
(Washington). This is due to the lack of motivation students receive from
teachers and often the lack of support that they receive from their parents as
well. This leads to Black male students not continuing to further their higher
education. The graduation gap continues to widen over the years and influences
many black male students to drop out of institutions altogether. These students
have taken a significant step backwards due to the size of the graduation gap
between African American and non-African American students of higher education
(Washington). Improving the number of graduation rates is significant because
in a lot of cases, black males who obtain college degrees tend to have children
who will follow their example which then in the long 

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