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Studies show us that there are  some actions for disease prevention like a
healthy diet,doing

exercises,sleeping well or going to doctor appointments regularly.But
do all of them effect in the

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 same way?Diseases are
increasing and spreading day by day and doctors are pointing to importance

of healthy diet and preparing special diet lists for their
patients.A healthy diet is the major

determinant of the healthy life therefore people should
consider of the diet’s importance and

organize their life according to this.


Firstly,i can mention about obesity.Obesity causes lots of
conditions such as type 2 diabetes,heart

 disease,stroke,osteoporosis and more.Eating
foods rich in sugar,calories and fats cause being

overweight and obesity.In this wise,our bones get weaker and
organs work harder.This situation puts

us at a higher risk for plenty of health problems.Therefore
having the correct amount of  foods and

 nutrients from major
food groups is the key to prevention of obesity.


Secondly,insufficient calcium causes unhealthy and weaker
bones.This increases the risk of the

 osteoporosis.That is
why we should have a diet with high in calcium.Likewise,saturated fat and

cardiovascular diseases have a close relationship.Eating too
much saturated fat causes high

cholesterol and blood pressure and both of them cause the
cardiovascular diseases.

Consequently,eating foods poor in saturated fat decreases
the risk of the cardiovascular diseases.


Finally,a healthy diet as eating plenty of fruits and
vegetables,avoiding alcohol and limiting processed

 meats might help
reduce your cancer risk. In addition, women who eat a Mediterranean diet

supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil and mixed nuts
might have a reduced risk of breast

 cancer(Mayo Clinic
Staff, 2017).


During our daily life,we decide our meals and choose what we
want sometimes with no second

thought.However we must consider that actually we are determining
our health and  life span.For

this reason we should arrange our diet with this sensitivity.A
quote by Hippocrates,father of

medicine, summarize this subject clearly:’ Let food be thy
medicine and medicine be thy food’.

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