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Students who apply to Douglas must meet these admission requirements:    •    General College Admission Requirements    •    English 12 with a minimum grade of B (or acceptable substitution*)    •    Biology 11 or 12 with a minimum grade of B (or acceptable substitution*)    •    Foundations of Math 11 or 12 with a minimum grade of B (or acceptable substitution*)Each student who apply to Douglas also must satisfy at least ONE of these following criteria:    •    BC secondary school graduation (or the equivalent in another school system)    •    One course short of BC secondary school graduation    •    19 years old by the end of the first month of the first semester of attendance    •    17 years old on the first day of the first semester of attendance and has not been in school for at least one year    •    Completion of a certificate or equivalent from a special needs program and has been in school for 12 years?For the Bachelor’s of Nursing, it is in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The course is six semesters long, is a full-time learning format, and offers 124.0 credits for each student who is in the program.The Nursing Program at Douglas College prepares the students who graduate committed to excellence in the professional practise and who will be able to contribute to the health and well-being of each individual, across a future of care needs. Students who graduate the BSN program will be educated to provide safe, smart, and compassionate nursing care.Students should be aware that the BSN program is a full-time rigorous program, and the workload and intensity are demanding. All learning experiences and courses are critical to each student’s success.Specific Program of Study I Plan to Take in My First Year:The admission requirements of the Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) program are the following points (each student must complete 30 university transfer (UT) credits, with a minimum grade of C+ (65%) in each 3 credit course):    •    BIOL 1103, BIOL 1203, BIOL 2200, BIOL 2401    •    ENGL 1130 and one UT ENGL elective course    •    MATH 1160 or PSYC 2300    •    3 credit UT Social Science/Humanities elective    •    6 credits UT electivesIn the first semester, the courses include:BIOL 1103HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I: an introduction to the study of anatomy and physiology of humans. Cell biology and the biochemistry of cells are examined, and the levels of organization in the human body are studied. ENGL 1130ACADEMIC WRITING: introduces students to the process of writing academic argument papers, and to strategies, assignments and exercises that develop their abilities as researchers, readers and writers.SOCIAL SCIENCES/HUMANITIES ELECTIVE:Whether one wants to gain a better understanding of the mind or get a better understanding on what Plato meant by the state being “the greatest happiness of the whole,” the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Douglas College is an excellent place to use one’s critical-thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills.UT OPEN ELECTIVE An open elective gives one the opportunity to study a unit from any discipline in the University, providing them to meet the prerequisites and/or co-requisites of that unit. An open elective unit is worth 3 credit points.Courses included in the second semester:BIOL 1203Human Anatomy and Physiology II: a continuation of the study of the anatomy and physiology of humans. The anatomy and physiology of the digestive, nervous, excretory, endocrine and reproductive systems are studied.

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