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Students’ efficiency in learning
has important effects on their performance in academic and is influenced by
multiple factors such as the lecturers’ ways of teaching. Contrary to the
ideal, Malaysia has experienced a severe problem that students who went to
schools seem like students who do not receive any proper education as they could
not fully understand the things they learn. In order to examine the
relationship between humor and a student’s efficiency in learning, 38 students
which consists of 19 males and 19 females were recruited from Sunway College
and University to do an online survey with 10 different questions. 95% of
students pointed out that their confidence in expressing their own thoughts
when learning in an entertaining situation do increase while 5% of students
claimed that there is no any special effect on their confidence level even when
they are learning in an entertaining situation. This study shows that the
students who gain the confidence through humor teaching in class will have the courage
to ask questions that they do not understand in class publicly without worrying
of being laugh at because the atmosphere makes them feel comfortable to do so.         

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