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StudentInstructorCourseDateGlobal Poverty as a Violation of Human RightsIntroductionOne of the world’s most absurd question is whether poverty is a violation of human rights. Poverty is a condition that limits individual’s capacity to exercise their freedom, enjoy their most fundamental rights and most importantly, take their rightful place in the society. The number of people living in extreme poverty throughout the world is extremely high. The World Bank sets global poverty line and is tasked as the main source of information on international poverty. As of 2015 revision of global poverty line based on monetary value, a person living in extreme poverty budgets daily consumption on less than 1.90 international dollars. Global poverty rates have declined globally with 1.1 billion people moving out of excess poverty since 1990, since 2013 however, 767 people still live on less than 1.90 dollars a day. Discrimination in the society can both be a causative agent for poverty and a factor alleviating poverty. The Millennium Development Goals for the year 2015 have proven to support aggregate process even without acknowledging governments and institutions ensuring development benefits marginalized populations. The International law requires each state to make legislative and administrative reforms that identify and eliminate discrimination to ensure equality. The international community now recognizes the fact that special measures should be taken to protect the rights of the marginalized people globally. In addition to the individual rights enshrined under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Development Programme recognizes the collective rights of a people such as lands and resources traditionally owned, occupied and acquired. Clearly, millions of people living in poverty globally are having their basic human rights violated thus proving that global poverty is a violation of human rights.Argument from States and OrganizationsThe issue of extreme poverty first caught attention of the United Nations in the late 1980s and in 2006 the organization adopted a document specifically addressing poverty under the terms of access to human rights called the Draft Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights. Traditionally, France has been very active in urging the United Nations to take eye and recognize links between human rights and global poverty, as a matter of fact in 1989 (France Diplomatie para.3) France successfully presented and oversaw the adoption of resolution 1989/10 by the Human Rights Commission marking the starting point of work at the United Nations on global poverty and human rights. France understands that global poverty through hardships and insecurity prevents person from enjoying their social, cultural and economic rights as well as civil and political rights. The 2005 summit ( para.2-6) held in New York saw 150 Heads of State agree to focus on global issues such as poverty and the human rights of the affected.Arguments from PhilosophersOne of the first philosophers recognized for their writings about global justice and world peace is Immanuel Kant. His ideas imply that within a global legal order (M. Reglitz 1), presence of extreme forms of poverty and inequality must not be found, and that the global legal order for which we have a duty to establish, is essential for the current state holdings to become conclusive possessions. Poggs puts it that we are responsible for world-wide poverty because we have caused it through various unjust practices such as invading other’s agricultural land using an army and burning it (E.R. Boot 114-115).Arguments againstMany argue that poverty does not fit in the definitions of human rights reasoning that no one is actually depriving the poor of working and earning income. The line existing between the poor and the non-poor is arbitrary (E. William para.3) and is different in different countries globally. Those arguing tha

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