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Revolution Success and Failure


Needs to talk about whom the people were involved in the French revolution and
talk about citizen right, a thesis about the French revolution success and

revolution was against monarchy, the dictator Napoleon played his role and there
all monarchies present in France. He set an example of republic. The extreme
hostilities exist between politics and this lead to a great modern society. The
later changes brought in France were all brought under the regime of France

was so inspiring and modern theories that these laid foundation of modern day Western
Europe. Moreover, it is also considered as an important event in whole human
history because it did not affect France only but Middle East and Europe as
well.  There were plenty of reasons present
for French revolution, the American Revolution, poor financial system of France
in regressive taxation was involved and corruption was there. The French revolution
was followed by various great events such as rights for human and rights for
women in Versailles. Abolition of feudalism was one of the main results of
French revolution.

revolution started in 1792 and many countries like Italy and Rhine were
conquered. All modern day movements have their roots in the French revolution.

has large political impacts that it impacts global politics, almost all
countries started believing that its own democracy that can bring in power to state,
political ideologies were strengthened all around the world and people raised
voice against feudalism (Dalton

are various personalities involved in French revolution and these personalities
have great role in French revolution in some way or another.  Jacques Brissot was one of the main people who
were in strong favor of monarchy, he was member of national convention assemble
as well as legislative assembly. He was declared unsuccessful as countries like
Austria and Prussia favored for such state which does not have monarchy rule. By
this incident he accepted his failure. He lost his life during the reign of
terror (Doyle 209).

De cal one is another important person present who made sure that tax changes are
made in the region. This is the tax burned which is imposed from the poor to
the rich, the regression taxation system was changed to progressive taxation
system. The rich who hold more has to pay more taxes. The lesser taxes burden
was imposed on peasants. He acted as controller general off finance during
reign of Louis XVI. However, his ideologies weren’t accepted and French nobilities
never paid their taxes (Goodwin 764).

De Lafayette is another person who assists French armies to strict to the French
revolution. He was supporter of revolution from core grounds, he was liberal
man and preferred freedom. He made sure that king could not attack the
revolution thus he made an army to protect the revolution.

of rights of man and of the citizen was introduced by him. This was introduced
in 1789. Thomas Jefferson who was working side by side Lafayette has also played
great role in implementing this citizen right. 
These rights were also considered as natural rights which have to be allowed
to persons at all places. These are universal in nature.  This makes sure that all individuals will be
protected well under the law. The article of this right was adopted in the
national assembly during 1789 when the French revolution was also going on. The
doctrine of rights from political and philosophical ideologies of individualism
(Suzanne 140). The rights
to property, liberty and life are considered as natural in this citizens’
rights doctrine.


Thesis statement: napoleon
was controversially successfully in rewriting France a new republic however declaration
of rights was a noble step.


mainland framework made by Napoleon was the one to decimate armed force energy
of Britain. Napoleon couldn’t do as such due to on the grounds that Roya Navy
was very solid. This is negative point that controversies are still present
regarding true intentions of Napoleon. It is criticized that French revolution
was the way he dealt with a method for mechanical upheaval to intercede in
economy of Great Britain. He needed to quicken obligation and bulge in Britain.
In this manner one might say that mainland framework was the battle of Napoleon
to conflict with the endeavors of Britain. Furious governments were against the
Napoleon’s coalition. French revolution was not as much success as Napoleon
wanted it to be. It was his own slip-ups which met him to disappointment. There
was less commitment of outside powers yet it was his own disaster and missteps
which prompt disappointment.  He was
pounded in different battles also, for example, Water lo Campaign. This
Campaign was done to lessen advancement of constitution. Czra rejected mainland
framework to be executed in Russia. This was another disappointment of Napoleon.
The progressive procedures of Napoleon did not work and along these lines it
met to disappointments.

the French revolution brought some ease for middle and lower class. As per
Gouges, men need to run the world. He is viewed as barbarous while the forces
are related with him. In French unrest ladies were very dynamic yet upheaval
was related with men as it were. This was the time when Gouges asserted that
national get together plan is restricted and it is totally overlooking the
endeavors of females. During king reign females were not allowed in politics,
but French revolution gave way to minorities. Gouges tested methods for some
government officials and she requested the right to speak freely. Men and
ladies both are operators of propagation; this isn’t only an obligation of men
or ladies to accomplish the status. There is no doubt that right were very important
step to be implemented.



revolution wasn’t successful in setting democracy instead if lead to dictator
sip.  The popular French sovereignty emerged
as a failure thus it is very hard to say that if this revolution was good or
bad.  New constitutional regime was also
not easier to be estimated however human rights, equal women rights and
participation of workers in progressive taxation are few positive things
attached with it.   It is likewise
considered as an essential occasion in entire mankind’s history since it didn’t
influence France just however center east and Europe also. There were a lot of
reasons display for French upheaval, the American unrest, poor money related
arrangement of France in backward tax collection was included and defilement
was there. The French upheaval was trailed by different awesome occasions. For
example rights for human and rights for ladies in Versailles. Nullification of
feudalism was one of the primary aftereffects of French transformation.

has expansive political effects that it impacts worldwide legislative issues,
all nations began trusting that its own particular popular government that can
acquire energy to state, political philosophies were reinforced all around the
globe and individuals raised voice against feudalism. This was really hard to
find a leadership which may address and these changes and develop new state.

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