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Stress is a problem that is faced by majority of
people. Stress is a word that we use commonly in our lives but do we know the meaning
of this word? The word stress comes from the Latin word “strictus” which means
“tight”.  In simple words, it is the
feeling when it is hard for you to move, when it is hard for you to breathe –
that’s how I would describe this sense. Overwhelming assignments, pressure from
parents, different atmosphere from school, more responsibility – are only part
of the reasons that cause stress in students. The title of my research project is
“Reasons of stress among KIMEP University students and ways of overcoming them”
and I am interested in this topic, because I myself experienced stress as soon
as I started my university life. This problem is the real problem of all
students nowadays. In my point of view, almost all university undergraduates
have problems in communication between each other, teachers and this theme have
to be researched to find reasons of this stress and to help students avoid them
while studying in the universities.  The
potential readers of this paper are undergraduate students and instructors.

This topic has not been investigated in Kazakhstan.
Therefore, I will provide evidence of studies conducted abroad. Bula and
Sanches (2014) indicate some sources of stress among students, which includes:
domestic responsibilities, financial difficulties and overwhelming assignments.
According to Whitman, students experience university life in a variety of ways
(1985). The previous article also suggests, for some students, university is
stressful because it is a change of atmosphere, which adversely affects
students. For others, being far from family is a source of stress (Whitman,
1985).  I looked through a lot of
articles and I think that this topic is still not fully disclosed.

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My research question is “What are the reasons of
stress among Kimep University students and possible ways of overcoming them?”
Firstly, the aim of this study is to get a better understanding why students very
often experience stress while studying in the universities. The second aim of
this study is to provide support for undergraduate students. I think that the
research will help people to know more about receptors of the stress and avoid
them while communicating with each other, peers and professors staff. Besides, it is very important as for students as well as for
teachers to be able to communicate openly and effectively with their children,
because if there is no understanding between family students and teachers, the
learning and studying process will be ineffective.

In my
study bachelor students at the age from 17 to 21 and instructors of KIMEP
University will be interviewed. I am going to interview about 5 students and 5
professors. I chose these samples of population, because it is important to
investigate the issue from both sides. The reason why interview was chosen as
the method was getting more detailed answers because of opportunity to ask
follow-up questions when a participant did not understand a question. In
conclusion, I can say that although time for conducting research is limited, I
will try to find answer on my research question and get maximum benefit for
myself as a researcher, while dealing with stress situation during study at
KIMEP University. At the end of this project, I would like to help Kimep
University students experiencing stress overcome it.

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