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Holiday Inn had provided a good marketing strategy. The first strategy of
Holiday Inn is used is low-cost leadership. Holiday Inn probably best described
as low-cost leadership because of its broad appeal to the mass market and
emphasis on limited service, cleanliness, timelessness, and cost efficiency (Enz, 2011). They just want to
ensure optimal use of space, ease of maintenance, and a higher return on
investment for customers. This not means that Holiday Inn is a low-quality
brand according to the low-cost leadership. In opposite, the popularity brand
of the company, InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, is focused on outstanding
facilities and superior service within unique cultures. Holiday Inn offers
full-service comfort and value to a broad market (Enz, 2011). Besides, Holiday
Inn sell their products and services at the cheapest price as possible in the
market for their customers. This will attract their customers buy their
products and services which give them lowest price with higher quality.

On the other hand,
differentiation strategy is the second marketing strategy that Holiday Inn
used. Holiday Inn believe that consumers are willing to pay a higher price for
a higher quality or a special products and services. Holiday Inn highlighting
the characteristics of different market segments globally and develop its
product and services to encourage their consumers to purchase its products and
services with the maximum price.

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Furthermore, marketing
department of Holiday Inn launch a campaign which is “Stay Smart”. This iconic
campaign helped the Holiday Inn Express brand grow from just three hotels in
1991 to more than 2400 today (Clark, 2016).  Seth Freeman, Brand Marketing Director for
Holiday Inn Express, said that the campaign has done such a nice job of helping
them to weave their brand into culture in a very relevant way over the years. Besides
of the campaign, they also involved in digital marketing or social media
networking. Holiday Inn create a website, , for
customer to get more information about Holiday Inn. Besides of getting
information, customers can have a call for booking and also can online booking.
Holiday Inn also take some videos and photos about Holiday Inn through YouTube,
Vine and Instagram for customers who use social media. 

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