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Strength:- ·        Women has awareness of her social andpolitical rights·        Feminist leadership·        Ability to establishing a womenorganization·        Women are chief hidden educators·        Innovative·        Most women power vote·        Budget allocated·        Health promotion·        More media attentionsWeaknesses:-·        Early marriage·        Political interference·        Competitors·        Gender dissemination·        Focus on women but male sometimes regretthat·        Need more skill staff·        CorruptionOpportunities:- ·        More women power·        Reduce health risks, economy increase·        Investment from public·        Emotional concern·        Access to information and knowledge·        Political empowerment·        Education reform·        More women activisms·        Affordable social support services tofree women time and politicalThreat:- ·        Women security·        Gender gaps in higher education·        Social values and parental preferences·        Violence·        Society·        Peer pressure·        No skilled staff hire due to currentsituation Relationship between Threats and opportunities:- In aware girls there are investments from the society.It is their opportunity but If there is no skilled staff is available in this organizationpeople don’t trust on that organization and stop investing. Relationship between Strengths and Weaknesses:-The strength of this organization is that they give awarenessto the women for their rights but in some families or areas the people marriagetheir daughters very early. With this the girls cannot work or take action inthe new families because he will only obey his husband.Relationship between Strengths and threats:When women have the knowledge about their rights andfighting for them then they have security issues.

In some area there are genderdiscrimination therefore people will not allow women for their rights. Withthis women have security threats. Relationshipbetween weaknesses and opportunities:-When there is more skilled staff there are morechances to educate the women for their rights. 

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