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Straight hair is quick and easy
to get using a flat iron styling tool at your home. Ceramic flat iron is the
best tool which can be used to iron your hair as it causes least damage to your
hair. Non-ceramic ironing tool causes damage to your hair as you straighten
your hair. Using the right tool, technique and applying good appropriate hair
treatment to straighten your hair is very important to keep your hair straight
and to protect your hair from heat damages.

Now follow the steps below and
learn how to flat iron your hair from step one to the last step.

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Part one of three:

Preparing your hair for heat

Use a
shampoo and conditioner that is specially meant for straightening

Expensive hair
products are not required for this step you can use any product which is
available at your local drug store or beauty supply store. But just buy those
products that are specially meant for straightening the hair. Once you have
purchased the products apply the shampoo and conditioner and massage your hair
and take a shower.

your hair dry

Use a towel to
dry your hair once out of shower. Gently squeeze your hair in sections and pat
your hair dry. It helps to prevent excess frizz from occurring after showering.

Use a
thermal protection serum while your hair is wet

Applying serum
when your hair is wet is very important because it allows you to evenly spread
the serum around your hair without creating clumps. Then comb your hair with a
wide-toothed comb after applying serum.

dry your hair

straightening your hair should be as dry as possible. This will not only help
you flat iron your hair and work better but also will prevent your hair from
being shocked by the heat and breaking off.

Point the hair dryer downward with the flow of
your hair when you are blow drying your hair. The downward motion of
straightening your hair will help you to get away from your hair roots and
encourages your hair to dry straight.

Your hair dryer should be seat at lowest heat
setting. If you have a frizzy hair, drying your hair at a lowest heat setting
for a longer period of time would be beneficial to prevent your hair from
puffing up as you dry your hair.

Part two of three:

Learning the technique

in your iron and flick the switch on

There will be
numbered heat setting that you can adjust to your desired level. The frizzier
and thicker your hair, the higher the numbered setting should be. If your hair
is thin make sure to set your straightener to the lowest number to avoid damage.

your hair

Sectioning depends
on the volume of your hair. In case of more volume the number of sections
should be more, and vice versa. The best thing to do is make your sections one
to two inches thick so that it will be easier to pass through the straightener.

Clip or pin the sections of your hair you are
not straightening on the top of your head.

The easy way to do this is to pin all the sections
of your hair on the top except that part which you are straightening and then
take that left out part of the section and straighten your hair.

the straightener above the roots

The straightener
should not be placed near the roots as it might damage the hair. This means that
straightening should start from above the root of your hair an inch above the

Run the
flat iron down the length

The motion of
the straightener should be downward, from top to bottom. The most important
thing to be noted here is that you should not hold on the straightener in a
same place for too long as it might damage your hair and might create some
folds in your hair.

Run the
straightener over the sections several times

You may have to
run through the sections several times or only once depending on the volume of
your hair. It also depends on the strength of your straightener, lower the heat
setting more times you will have to run your straightener over a section of
your hair.

If you see the
steam there is nothing to be scared off but if you smell burning of your hair
then turn down the heat setting immediately.  


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