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Steps That You Can Follow To Have the A Successful Family Devotional


There is a need for every Christian household to ensure that their faith and the things that they do are those that praise Christ since the society is not as it was some years back. It is necessary that you ensure that you embrace evangelism at home in as much as you are doing it in the churches and through visiting the needy. You can decide to engage in a mission to help those who are not fortunate as we are and if you do not know where or who they are you can consult David Servant since they have a whole list of the people you can provide your assistance. Also you can decide to be participating in family devotion every day at the time that you will feel appropriate for your family. You should know that prayer is the strongest weapon for any Christian family which imply that you cannot afford to overlook it when you desire to fight against the odds in life. The article will deliberate on the steps that you can follow to have a successful family devotional.

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It is imperative that you agree with your family the most appropriate time to be having the devotions together with your household. It is wise that you consider setting the time to be after breakfast and supper because at these times most of the family members will be in the house. You should ensure that you stick to the duration that you decide on since it will indicate that you have given God top priority above your plans. During the devotion you can participate in some things which you can break into bible study, discussions, and prayer.


It is advisable that you start the family devotion with reading the word of God. You should keep in mind that you will never lack a book in the bible that will have some words to give you the zeal to move forward even when things look tough. You are the one to decide whether you will be reading verses at random or you will have a schedule of the verses you will be reading everyday till the year ends. You should know that even the toddlers will learn something from the bible even if they cannot read they will know through listening.


The next step should be to engage the members of your household in a discussion about the verse that you have read. It is necessary that you give each person a chance to give their views about how they have understood the verse. You should ensure that if you are to explain the verse you do not take a lot of time since the people may lose concentration.


The last and most crucial step is to pray to for God intervention in the affairs of the family and those of each individual. You should ensure that you praise and worship, confess, and even make personal requests and intercessions of God. It is in this way that you can be assured that God will come to the aid of your family.

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