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Step 1: Feasibility

            In the first step, the developing
team researches the project and define the problems. They define questions for
the project, constraints like time and resources for the project The developing
team need to check if the application is suitable with the RAD (Rapid
Application Development) method or not. If the application doesn’t suitable
with RAD, another way is needed to be developed. If the RAD is justified with
the system, the development continues.

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Step 2: Business

            In this step, the business
requirements are identified. The requirements are questions like if the project
is possible to develop? Who are the end-users? What is the best plan to
develop? Which techniques should the developers use to develop the application?
And the architecture structure of the project is constructed. The application that
the developers developed is checked if it is designed using RAD and if they are
maintainable, because the users might make changes along the software development.

Step 3: Functional
Model iteration

            In step 3, the functional
prototypes of the application is created. The functional prototype defines what
and how the application should be implemented.

Step 4: Design and
Build Iteration

            In step 4, the design of the
application is made, and coding is done based on that design. After developing
the codes, they are reviewed to check if they meet the customers’ requirements.

Step 5:

            This is the final stage in this
method. In this stage, the end-users who will be using the application are instructed
to know the working system of the application. If the user doesn’t like the
system or they are not satisfied with the result, the development must start
from the step 4 where designing and coding will be carried out. 

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