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Stats show that only 44% of high school students choose the college that suits their future career. Do not be fooled by what some may claim.A few notable people went to a college following their dream career and they were completely sidetracked to where they were prompt. You may wonder why attending college is so relevant today, why do we constantly stress about this subject. College is basically high school continued, but it is more than that.A college is a place that assists you to retain responsibility and helps you compete in the real world. They permit you to acquire real-life experiences.It molds you into the person you want to be. College is about opening doors and helping you in ways you can’t explain you must experience. College helps you grasp opportunities like being able to get a job and make more money. You may wonder why people make such a big deal about college.They do that to inform you that college is the way to operate if you want to be able to grasp something in life. If you want to be your own boss, you want to become a leader and not a follower. I am not saying that if you don’t go to college you can’t complete that. People have done it before, but it was a struggle. The things college offers are a completely new world. It’s a life-changing opportunity to expand while we are young, it trains you to live life and give back. College is not for everyone, though. You may not be efficient to go to college for multiple reasons.Some people just can’t go into an environment like that.They cannot handle the stress or the debt you name it. You don’t have to go to college if you don’t feel like you have to.In the future based on whats going to happen to colleges hopefully, there will be changes to colleges economically and affordability.There are tons of ways to stimulate a more advanced education.As technology advances in the generation and society, we live in, things are much easier and differ every particular day. There will be more ways than ever to assist you to consider a career that suits you. Many students decide they want to go study a particular career such as pediatrician but they wasted the money on books for a class.Then realized that’s something they do not crave to do that for the rest of their life and want to become an engineer or something else that catches their attention.To prevent all that time and money wasted colleges could authorize you to come to a campus visit.You can also visit the offices or a business you would like to work at and check out the environment. 

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