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The ability of a system to comprehend the possibilities that its existence preserves and to implement the elucidations of these possibilities is intriguing. I still remember the days when the character like “commander Data” in star trek has only been in science-fiction allowing children to dream about future and technology. Just over the period of 15 years what I dreamt of as fantasy has become an achievable goal. Knowledge, even in its simplest form is very perceptive. So, it is surprising and interesting at the same time how the human being, in this multitude of perceptivity can direct this knowledge to design and implement systems that describe not only the way he functions, but to generalize the way the world of humans function, and in an efficient manner. In electronic systems, by implementing systems to function the way humans do, and also the way humans can’t, the field has transcended boundaries and impediments to reach a new era of seemingly perpetual progress. However, questions still persist in my head about the extent of the practicability of implementations of intelligence into systems designed to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal human interference. To probe into these questions in detail, to study the flexibility of areas touched upon by this field and its applications, and to explore the diverse concepts that go into shaping it as a multi-purpose field, pursuing an M.S course in the field of Electrical Engineering is the right choice for me.

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I have completed my undergraduate studies in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Vishnu Institute of Technology which is ranked as one of the top institutes in Andhra Pradesh, India. Ever since the beginning of my undergraduate course, electronics has been a subject that inspired me for its multifold power of applications. During my course of study, basic electronics was introduced in sophomore year with Electronic Circuit Analysis, Pulse and Digital Circuits, Integrated Circuit Applications which is where I developed keen interest and this pushed me to explore the vast fields of Computers and Electronics conceptually later on in senior years. In this journey I found a unique affinity towards Embedded Systems, VLSI, Switching Theory and Logic Designs, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers. In view of my good theoretical insight into the subjects and practical skills, I could secure beyond 90% in respective Lab Test practical.


Through reasonable utilization of well learnt ideas I built up the core abilities required to address plenty of issues in diverse settings. My predilection towards embedded systems made me do the final year undergraduate project on ” Voice controlled electronic notice board ” under the guidance of S.V.S.N Raju who is a pioneer in the field of Embedded systems and communications. This is a selective system created utilizing a microcontroller from 8051 family which goes about as a medium between the mobile application and the LCD display. Department liking our work, is utilizing this project as the primary notice board for the whole departmental correspondences. I think about this as an amazing privilege gifted for our exertion and work. I understood how automating system with few optimal algorithms can drastically increase the efficiency and reduce the human interference simultaneously. This project made me grasp practical knowledge. By the end of project, in Embedded C, Assembly language and few simulators such as Multisim, Xilinx.



Along with my regular course work, I was involved in other academic activities ranging from presentation of technical seminars to participating in techno and cultural events. These activities have given me an opportunity to display my leadership, communication and management skills. Further I have attended many national wide workshops in various domains of electronics like basic electronics, PCB designing, Hitec biped robotics, Digital Image Processing techniques. These gave a good learning experience as well as fortified my practical knowledge.



I envision myself to be working in firm reputed for its research in the field of electronics. I believe the University XXXXXXXXXXX is the right place for me to impart the knowledge and experience required to make noteworthy contributions to all the teams and groups that I will be involved with in the future. I find my interests to be on the same lines as that of some renowned professors here, such as Dr.XXXXXXX due to his interest in the area of research which involves the use of advanced signal & image processing in Biomedical Research. Along with him, I find the research carried out by Dr.XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX commendable and will like to be a part of it. The diverse labs dedicated to Signal and Image Processing field such as the Signal and Image processing Institute (SIPI), Biomedical Imaging Group (BIG) lab and Magnetic Resonance (MR) Research Group will give me the plethora of opportunities to enhance my practical knowledge in this domain. The vast pool of distinguished faculty, world-class research labs and groups and the extensive range of courses offered will certainly augment my skills and prepare me for my career goals. I bring with me a strong foundation that my undergraduate education, research experience and related projects within the college and two years of professional experience with a MNC(Tech Mahindra) have provided along with the passion and energy to pursue a graduate education of the highest standard. I look forward to joining the University XXXXXXXXX as a graduate student.



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