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Life is incomplete without
education. Education hunts a person’s mind in discovering his true talent. Ever
since I was in my primary education I always found myself having a very strong
inclination towards mechanism and engineering.  From my primary education I always excelled in all my subject
but was an outstanding performer in Maths and Science. I remember when I was in
9th grade I achieved the “BEST IN MATHEMATICS” award in Chennai zone
schools, and in the same year my project on “Environmental Pollution and
Renewable Energy” was awarded best Project of my batch. With my own interest I
took my electives Physics, Chemistry and Maths after completion of my 10th
grade. Sports has also been a major part of my life. I was a good football
player and good captain. Even though I have been very proficient in education
and sports, I have also spent some of my time in social service from my school
till now. I was a part of the Rotary club of my school M C T M and have done service
to the society in stream of education, public health, pollution awareness etc.
Even after I completed my schooling I was elected as MCTM alumni secretary and I
served for period of 5 years till 2014 October. Being secretary of MCTM alumni I
involved many number of alumni students to take part in MCTM Rotract

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Bachelor degree decides one
person’s career. After careful analysis of my stream of studies I got admitted
in Panimalar Engineering College affiliated to Anna University which is one of
the most reputed Universities in India to the course Mechanical Engineering.
During my college studies I excelled in both studies and also national level
Technical symposiums. My thirst in engineering made me to present technical
papers on “Belt Slackness Detector” which uses laser sensor as a primary
element having application in belt drives by increasing efficiency, “Toggle
Clamp Mechanism” which uses Kinematic links as a primary design which has wide
application in fixtures in mass production Milling and Drilling machines.

I did my pre final year project in
designing a fixture operated by toggle clamp mechanism. By implementing this
method we can save 90% cycle time in replacing the work piece in the Fixture.
The production rate of machining a work piece is increased by 400% when our
project was also implemented in a small scale industry. Our project was
selected as best project in our batch 2008 – 2012.

My final year project involved
determination of formability of composites using Limiting Drawing Ratio. Our
project involved preparation of a Metal Matrix Compound (MMC) called Aluminium
Silicon Carbide (AlSiC) by using Aluminium as a matrix (Al 6061) and machining
the prepared matrix by EDM into a thin sheet and subjecting it to various test
to determine its LDR. The MMC sheet is tested by both stimulation method using
ABAQUS and also by using cold forming and hot forming. We got full credits for
our both mini and final year project for successful completion of project
within the given duration. I led my team in both mini and final year projects.

However before pursuing my Master
degree I decided to gain some professional experience. After completion of my
Bachelor Degree I joined CYIENT as Design Engineer. I got a very valuable
experience in Structural Design and GD&T in a couple project with different
tools.  I am very proud to have worked in
structural design of ALSOTM train in which we have to modify the standard
structural design of ALSTOM. In this project I have worked on designing of NOSE
installation, FACE installation, ROOF installation and ROOF Panel installation.
I gained good technical and numerical solving skills where I worked on
achieving the Eigen Mode Frequency more than the excitation system frequency,
by just varying the stiffness without touching the mass.

I have also worked in production
support client Location in OEM in Caterpillar India and gained a valuable
experience in Continuous Product Improvement (CPI) and New Product
Implementation (NPI). I have been working in handling field issues and assembly
line issues in CPI projects. In this project we find the root cause analysis
and create design modification for the part or assembly having issue. I gained
good experience and very proficient in technical tools like CATIA V5, CATIA V6,

Having already achieved my career
goal in Design I have decided to target for a long term goal to excel in the field
of Computational Material Science.  I have set a target to find a innovative
invention in field of Fracture Mechanics Computation. The point of important
juncture in my academic career has come. After careful analysis of my
education, technical and reasoning skills, character and my attitude I have
decided to do my Masters in Technische
Universitat Bregakademie Freiberg 

The reason for me to choose my
masters in Germany is firstly to have a top class degree which is recognised
globally. Secondly, to have a diverse range of subjects in my curriculum.
Thirdly, to study is the safest country which is in the heart of Europe. And
finally I love both German language and its culture. I feel that Technische Universitat Bregakademie Freiberg
with its rich blend of competent faculty, intense curriculum, and cherished
history of success, state of the art laboratories and multi-ethnic diversity among
students would be the ideal place to shape my career. The innovative research
projects being undertaken by your faculty along with the positive feedbacks
that I have received about your university from my seniors who were graduates
at your university has influenced me to seek admission into your University. My
objective is to enhance and strengthen my knowledge base in the field of Computational Material Science. The
ideal path towards this, I feel, would be by pursuing graduate studies in Computational Material Science. In the
long run I seek to be the leader in my field, which requires fostering of team
spirit and goodwill besides intellectual and creative enrichment. Technische Universitat Bregakademie
Freiberg  with its team of highly
motivated and industrious graduates would hence be the ideal start to my
career. I can assure you that given a chance I shall strive to live up to the

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