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Statement of Purpose

a child I always want to be constructive in some way or the other. Since
childhood I am fascinated by cars. I used to spend my time playing with toy
cars and watching cars and bikes on TV, Creating small cars and models. I knew
I wanted to do something with cars. But I didn’t know if I was going to be
engineer, designer, build cars, sell cars, I just knew I wanted to do something
with that fascinating thing called car. In my school days I use to prepare
electric circuits, working car models and demonstrated them in science fairs of
my school. In vacation I spent most of my time at my maternal Uncle’s garage. I
use to sit there and watch him do various work like repairing, maintenance,
metal bending and welding on cars. Sometimes I even got chance to help him in
works like removing the tires, cleaning various parts, playing with nuts and
bolts. Surrounded by such interesting phase during childhood and school days urged
me towards the technical province and lead me to develop interest in machines
and automobiles. I was always enthusiastic to learn and be a part of the modern
inventions, hence I followed the path of science with a vision of indulging
myself in engineering marvels by achieving 81% in 10th grade of
Secondary Education and 67.84% in 12thgrade of Higher Secondary
Education from Gujarat State Board. Later enrolled myself for Undergraduate
Program in Automobile Engineering which I had completed with 8.26 CGPA from
Gujarat Technological University at L.J. Institute of Engineering and
Technology in year 2017.

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Today’s world is observing a rapid
expansion in population and with such a scenario, it is getting difficult to
make a sustainable and efficient automobile that not only withstand the demands
but also doing least harm to environment fulfils each and everyone’s needs.
Knowing the importance and understanding the necessity of accomplishing future
global automobile goals, the subject of automobile systems engineering appeals
me a lot. Being a novice, I want to gain best experience, hence I envisage to
flag off my career by serving perhaps to a global automobile manufacturer.
Doing so, will not only deepen my subject knowledge, but also help me gain
unprecedented and a unique experience about the happening and proceedings of the
existent market which eventually will facilitate me undertake my long-term
vision of embarking upon a business venture in this very domain.

Amid my academic exploration, numerous
projects and research in each subject helped me to determine my course of
interest. During my bachelor studies I have worked with subjects like
Automobile component design, automobile engines, Automobile system design,
Automobile electrical and electronics, Vehicle maintenance and garage practice
and vehicle dynamics. Studying this core subjects on automobiles spontaneously
divert my attention in grasping each of its integral aspects. Observing the
applications of my studies during my practical experiences escalated my
interest which urged me to learn more.

Studying these subjects always made me
curious to get to examine the theories, apply it on the field and demonstrate
it through projects. With my team members I have worked on ingenious projects
such as ‘Air compressed engines’ which include studying of working of engine
using pneumatics system and making a model of the same with proper dimensions
analysis. Along with this my team and I have also worked and studied on
innovative concept of electromagnetic clutch. In third year of my bachelors I
was a member of my college ATV team to participate in National ATV championship
SAE BAJA 2016 and state ATV championship GTU Techfest. I was part of
transmission department. Along with my team member we designed and manufactured
constant meshing gearbox for our ATV. Failures also came, sometimes parts of
ATV broke during testing phase and we all team members dealt in best possible
ways with failures thinking realistic solution. Even during competition whole
team came over all obstacle and performed well for college. This gave me on
hand experience of manufacturing real components and an ATV. All of these real
experience and knowledge that books cannot teach us made me realize how much
all engineers make efforts to make real machines with all safety and rules. I also
attended automotive design workshop “Automotive Styling Boot Camp” in
Pune. It was a 10 day of rigorous workshop where I was taught the aesthetic of
automotive exterior and interior design and model making. And I got know how
much patience and hardwork is required to design a aesthetic exterior and
interior looks of car without compromising ergonomics of vehicles. Also I got
rudimentary experience to use basic features of Automotive software ALIAS

In my final year I had completed project
on ‘System and structure incorporated for lifting in vehicle, making the model
of same by selecting proper materials and with proper dimensional analysis with
my team members. We used SOLIDWORKS and CREO for model building and its
integral components. ANSYS was used to determine stress and strain formation in
the structure within material permissible elastic limit. Modeling and
understanding various dimensions of vehicle and its components, we came to a
solution of new system by integrating hydraulic jacks inside the vehicle to
lift the desired tire of the vehicle just by pressing a button by the driver.
It was a really competitive task on the contrary being interesting. The project
was a magnificent success and was ranked among the top three projects of my


Why Mechanical
Automotive and Materials Engineering International Master’s in Automotive
Engineering – Dual Degree Program?

To be a successful automobile engineer
will require me to have a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of
the automotive industry. In order to fulfil my aspirations, now I need advance
technical knowledge with regards to automotive sector. Master’s in Automotive
Engineering offered by your university will help me to grow and become highly
qualified engineer in the field of Automotive.

International Master’s in Automotive
engineering is one of a kind of program which is specially designed for
engineers looking for grasping design, analysis,
construction, maintenance, operation of machine and management knowledge which makes it a
perfect course choice for me. It will help me to acquire knowledge of various
components of modern automotive technologies. I will be studying different
fields of automotive specialization in single master’s program. The major key
study areas such as Vehicle engineering, Powertrain engineering, Manufacturing
and management, Virtual product and process engineering will ensure me to
receive high standard of professional training. It will also help me to obtain
practical experience which will is necessary to work in competitive global
automotive industry. Beside this I will get an opportunity to study in two
prestigious institutes – University of Windsor, Canada  and Politecnico di Torino, Italy in two
different countries consecutively and get a chance to work on research and
development projects with Fiat and Chrysler. It will help me to prepare for a leadership
role in the global automotive industry and will allow me to understand
different global automotive trends. This will lead my career to a path in
industrial research and development, manufacturing and management in automotive
industry and help me to learn the automotive business.


Why University of

International Master’s in Automotive
engineering at University of Windsor will help me gain knowledge and experience in various fields involved
in automotive sector to tackle various problems in today’s world and become a skilled
engineer in any automobile sector, a supply chain firm or a parts manufacturer.
This will help me with the research methods to provide me a good ground to cope
up with innovation in technical fields. Master’s in Automotive program will also
help me develop my technical skills and I can acquire excessive practical experience
by implementing the obtained knowledge from your institute to the evolving
automotive sector of globalized world.

University of Windsor is one of the old
and prestigious university of Canada and is the only university in Canada which
offers different types of master’s in mechanical engineering  with automotive specialization included in
their 120 majors and minors and 55 master’s and doctoral
degree programs across nine faculties. It is  located on the Canada/US border in Canada’s
southernmost city, only 5 minutes away from downtown Detroit and
within easy driving distance to Toronto, Chicago, and other major
cities in Ontario and the US.
Its geographical location is very unique because it is Located in Canada’s traditional “automotive capital” across
the border from Detroit,
USA. Most of big automotive plants are located in Ontario and  also Detroit is a automotive hub for North America
and is within the vicinity of Ontario which is a big plus point for automotive engineers
for job opportunities.


Why Canada?

Canada’s education system has always
maintained high levels of academic excellence and recognized in top
international rankings. Moreover, Canadian tuition fees are affordable as
compared to other English speaking countries. It holds a wide range of quality
educational institutions for both degrees and diplomas, accessible to all types
of demography. It is a country rich in diversity and its culture enclosing an immense range of beliefs and customs. Over the past century and a half, Canada
has welcomed 15 million immigrants. It is a home for over one million
aboriginal people, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities. It is
a democratic and law abiding nation free from any type of discrimination such
gender inequality, racism on the basis of caste, creed and culture and its
constitution allows freedom of religion without limitation or interference from any one. International students who
have studied from a Canadian university or college have the opportunity to work
in Canada after they receive their degree or diploma. International students
can work on campus without a work permit.

International Master’s in Automotive
engineering offered by University of Windsor seems to suit my
requirements completely. Thus, establishing appropriate amount of skills during
my under-grad course I aspire to climb a step ahead by acquiring the mandatory
education to master my skills that will not only assist me to work with
ultimate potential during my initial stages but also benefit my long-term
vision. My former institute L.J.I.E.T has provided me the platform for
Automobile engineering studies which I wish to capitalize further and I
strongly believe that studying under qualified faculties at your esteemed
institute will definitely lead me towards my ultimate goal.

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