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Statehood truly cannot be the “cure-all” for Puerto Rico’s financial and status problems. The U.S. and Puerto Rico have had opposing viewpoints about statehood since 1898 when America first invaded the territory. Recently Puerto Rico’s new governor, Ricardo Rossello and his new administration, believe that right now is the moment for Puerto Rico to go ahead and become a state. However, that might not be the case, because of the effects of Hurricane Maria, which hit them on September 21st.  Most Puerto Ricans are more interested in finding food and getting back up and on their feet. “Many on the island believed the timing was just not right, especially in light of the unsympathetic government of  Donald Trump”  (Ramirez). Governor Rossello seems to think that “Puerto Rico is a colony and it has little if any jurisdiction over its own people.” ( Ramirez). By it becoming a state, Rosello argued, it might have more power to help the people now. This unfortunately did nothing more than hurt Puerto Rico instead, and  only about 23% of the population actually voted for statehood and many voted so Puerto Rico could become an independent country. Another reason is the “20 percent import tariff on foreign territories” (Miranda) from the tax reform bill that was passed in November, mostly affecting Puerto Rico for being a foreign territory. This goes to show that statehood cannot be the cure all for Puerto Rico’s increasing debt and for its social status.   So what is statehood? What does it mean for Americans and Puerto Ricans alike? For Americans it’s ,”the condition of being a political unit within a country, for example within the U.S.” For Puerto Ricans it means finally being the 51st state; finally being a part of the country and not a colony or territory. Statehood to them means voting and having a voice.  However many Puerto Ricans  aren’t very willing to vote for statehood ” in light of the unsympathetic government of  Donald Trump”  (Ramirez) Many of the people there aren’t happy with what’s been going on and all the bad reviews and racist remarks they have been hearing from Trump and what’s been going on in the government. Another thing that’s not making them very willing to vote for statehood is “Puerto Rico is a colony and it has little if any jurisdiction over its own people.” (Ramirez) meaning that some Puerto Ricans are very resentful over the fact that America has used, and keeps using them. For example Puerto Ricans were only allowed to become citizens so they could fight in WW1 for America in places with the same climate as the island and after the war was done  they weren’t given anything else for being so call racially inferior to the white men. Many of them are tired of being used and want independence. The “20 percent import tariff on foreign territories” (Miranda) is coming from the new Tax bill that was introduced in the House of Representatives, which attacks Puerto Rico because it is set as a foreign territory. If Puerto Rico is not dropped in the listing as a foreign territory then it runs the risk of the people there losing about 250,000 jobs. This bill is not only to hurt Puerto Rico but middle and poor Americans also, who are going to be taxed up to $100, for Puerto Rico who owes about $70 billion dollars ( in addition to almost $50 billion in pension). Recently the 20% import tax, has been changed down to 12.5%, but according to the website CNN companies in P. R. used to pay no taxes or licenses under previous law. Companies could’ve apply for patents at a federal level, but the only taxes they had to pay were because of where they were physically located. Furthermore, even though the import tax went down the point previously stated still remains true, 12.5% is still going to hurt many if not all. “Puerto Rican leaders say the new tax takes away one of the few incentives the island has to attract and retain companies that might consider going to other low tax havens like Ireland.” (Gillespie) Which means that many companies that were investing in P.R. will leave now for other places like Ireland which are low tax havens were these companies can thrive, leaving Puerto Rico powerless in terms of money and making it even harder and complicated for them to be able to repay their debt, and literally reconstruct themselves after the Hurricane. Some people disagree and say that Puerto Rico should become a state. Americans such as the ones who have joined the ” United State Council for Puerto Rico For Puerto Rico Statehood”, believe that Puerto Rico has been with them  for about 120 years and should stay with them since they have never actually governed over themselves without a country heavily influencing them. “The Council’s dedicated to the advocacy and education about the unfinished business of American democracy in Puerto Rico, the Nation’s largest territory.” ( US CPRS), this is one of the reasons this support pages uses. Another reason from New York Times is, ” From a constitutional perspective, Puerto Rico belongs to the United States. The federal government has almost absolute power over Puerto Rico, but has delegated to Puerto Rico about the same authority over local matters that the states possess.” (Pierluisi) This means

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