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Starting university that is the face of challenging it canbe as valuable and enjoyable experience university whether moving away fromhome. While  so many of students getfirst taste living grow to the new study environment and cope well throughouttheir university time which it could be a stressful transition and stronglyfeelings of sadness, depression  orhomesickness  that made me no doubt atall where the mental health problems are so common in the student’s life.  More than the past 12 months as from thestudy showed that 78% of the students admitted to the experiencing mentalhealth. The research proceed by the National Union of Students in the UK thatthey did survey university students in 1093 students and it revealed with 33%of students have had suicidal thoughts. In the same way, a study from theCenter for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State University in the US foundthat in between 2009 and 2015 reported symptoms of depression and anxiety wasan increase in the students. I think nobody said going to university would beeasy and   many students find out thedifficult way. What is self-directed learning process? , it is combining of themindsets , knowledge and skills which bring to in different environmentstoward  different goal,  taking responsibility for setting plan withtheir own learning efforts. As from the story while becoming better mental andemotional health through difficult times at university, what are tips ofsuccessful learning process? Self-learning at university can be challenging,you probably get recommended from some people to just have a look at webpage.

To be better understanding of self-learning process at university class withbeing ready, setting learning class goals and create good study habits. The purposeof this research is to help identify the signs and symptoms of common mentalhealth problem for university students where to seek help. If not get treatmentthis problem can become life-threaten. If students feel that they may be facingthis problem it is important to take action to resolve.  What is the effective technique for improvingphysical and emotional of student’s everyday challenge at university to beingwell? Based on the research, mindfulness from practice meditation and buildinga new good study habit are the effective techniques for improving physical andemotional of student’s everyday challenge in university well.

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