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Lanka – Singapore trade relations goes back to hundreds of years. Amid at the
current past, Sri Lanka has distinguished Singapore as one of the real
exchanging accomplices while Singapore is utilized as an exchanging center
point to present Sri Lanka’s exportable items to the Singaporean market as well
as to whatever remains of the area. Also Sri Lanka- Singapore mutual trade
agreements provides a great international opportunity for CJS (Sri Lanka High Commission
in Sri Lanka, 2018)

the following five years, Singaporean jewelry market is relied upon to
increment by 3% every year. With the zero custom and import obligation, the country’s’
gem and jewelry market has developed quickly in the previous decade. The market
is worth roughly $3.5 billion, with 26% of the adornments sold containing
precious stones. The best end gems shoppers have enough learning about the
items, which influences them to prepared purchasers as they are very much
educated and this portion will stay solid and steady. In any case, the mid-range
buyers will contribute greatest to the general deals as they are in the majority
(Aruna Gaithonde, 2016).  

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Kong is the main challenger for Singapore for the top of the line gem and jewelry
market. Nevertheless, recently most extravagance brands move their shows to
Singapore, mirroring the capability of this developing business sector. The country
nation has additionally turned into a main place for high-stake barters lately Despite
the fact that the Singapore diamond and gems advertise possesses large amounts
of difficulties, the open doors accessible are numerous more for organizations
to develop and flourish. Singapore advance in this field guarantees to
additionally strengthen Asia as a location in the rising focused assembling and
exchanging gems markets. Also CJS offer their items in Singapore as well as in
Sri Lanka to pick up the economies of scale. 

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