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SpyEye or Trojan Horse almost every one of us heard about this virus  which was used in the February of year 2010 which was used to steal money from the online bank accounts and initiate transactions even while valid users are logged into their bank accounts. This tell us about how a computer virus can affect the economy of a country but on other hand this computer virus helped a charity to gain millions of dollar. SpyEye is a malware that was designed for Apple Devices that attacks users running Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, internet Explorer and opera web browser on the IOS operating system or Microsoft Windows operating system and sends the stolen information back to control server, which is specified in the configuration file.  The creator of SpyEye virus is Hamza Bendelladjand his other two friends now he is 28 years old, he is who is also known as happy hacker or smiling hacker because when he was arrested in Thailand and then Hamza was taken in custody in Bangkok.

He was smiling and this picture is the reason that is attached below. Later he was deported to the United States after which he was charged with 23 different crimes from 2009 to 2011 including several bank wire frauds, computer frauds and abuse schemes. Some people consider him as a version of modern day online Robin Hood and is hero worshipped in his home country Algeria, The Algerians and hackers from middle-Eastern region view him as their idol whom they seek to emulate. He steal money from more than 200 American banks and financial institutions. People consider him as Robin Hood because there is a report that he has donated $280,000,000 to Palestine a charity near to his house. Trojan horse or SpyEye must be manually installed on the computer.

It may also be distributed by other means, such as web Exploit Toolkits. When the Trojan malware is executed, it drops the following configuration file, which is a password-protected ZIP archive.%SystemDrive%cleansweep.execonfig.binTrojan injects code into any currently running system processes so that it can then it can perform the functions like capturing the network traffic and send and receive network packets in order to bypass application firewalls. Hamza is a legend in Algeria, a country which is also going through turbulent times politically.

Hamza who operated with the code name is” BX1″ 1 and was dubbed the” smiling Hacker “, born in 1988, from Tizi-Ouzou in Algeria. According to the people who knew him, Hamza could speak 5 foreign languages and was proficient in coding, a career option available to only the elite Algerian class. Hamza may be a much loved figure from Algerians and Middle-Eastern hackers but for the West he was nothing less than a criminal who was on list of FBI’s most wanted cyber criminals.

He and his friend, Aleksandr Andreevich Panin aka ‘Gribodemon’ and ‘Harderman’ were responsible for losses of over $20 million to Western banks through their SpyEye Trojan. Bendelladj’s job was to sell the code online and hire out botnets to spread the infection. The FBI estimates he infected over half a million users with the code, and claims he set up websites selling browser plugins to increase the ease of emptying victims’ bank accounts. He also ran a website called VCC.

sc that sold credit card data. One of the prime sales points for Bendelladj was the Darkode website, which was shut down in 2015 and led to multiple arrests. The FBI said information provided by Bendelladj was instrumental in shutting down the website – which may cause him some problems if he meets certain people in prison. In the year 2013 Hamza was sentenced to jail for 24 years (sentenced time is varying on different web sites) and millions of dollar fine for committing many cybercrimes and also for selling his malware to mare then 150 cyber criminals. He got arrested when an American law enforcement officers identified him when he was selling Trojan to a United States undercover agent for $8500 US dollar. A cyber-war started when the humor was spread that Hamza is sentenced to death by America government and supporters of Hamza started to hack different web sites with a line #FreeHamzaBendellaj and #FreePalestine and they continue to hack various websites across the world, including, of late, Air France and a Virginia-based university, calling for his release. The US ambassador to Algeria has taken to Twitter to beat back the death sentence allegations, stating that none of the crimes with which he’s been charged are punishable by death.

 According to Martin Libicki, the author of Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar, the fight against online hackers such as Bendelladj will be a long one. “Cybercrime is still an attractive proposition for someone who is clever and has a tolerance for ignoring risk,” he told Al Jazeera. “In the long run, bringing the losses to cybercrime down to tolerable levels will have to depend on provisions that are made in the architecture of computing and the architecture of banking and other money-handling industries.”

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